Joy Lacquer Mermaid’s Tail

This July, Love and Lotus Naturals released a Mermaid Box, “a beautiful mermaid themed multi product box with scents of sun, sand, sea, and air”. The box included a number of bath and body products with a variety of mermaid inspired scents. One of the products included in the box was a mini Mermaid’s Tail polish created by Joy Lacquer, as a collaboration for this release. The box looked lovely, so I decided to go ahead and purchase it. I will share my review of that box at another time, but today, I’ll focus on the Mermaid’s Tail polish.

After the box was released, there was overpour of Mermaid’s Tail, and I thought the swatches were so beautiful, I picked up a full-sized bottle when it went on sale on the Joy Lacquer site. “Mermaid’s Tail is packed with purple, green and gold flakies, green holo microglitter, and has a linear holo finish. Meant to resemble the beautiful scales of a mermaid’s tail.” The inspiration for this polish is clear, and it’s a perfect shade for a mermaid inspired mani. Or, a mermani, if you will.

In terms of formula, Mermaid’s Tail is on the thicker side of average. I was pleased with the application, and found it applied easily with no streakiness. The dry time was standard. I had almost full, opaque coverage with two thin coats, but opted for a third coat just for good measure. I think two medium coats would definitely do the trick. It dried to a fairly shiny finish, with just a hint of texture from the flakies. I topped with a glossy topcoat for even more sparkle and shine.

Mermaid’s Tail is honestly delightful. It’s a medium, sea foam green, with just a hint of blue tones. While I wouldn’t describe it as earthy, it’s whatever the sea equivalent of an earthy shade is. It’s a very natural, almost subtle shade. The base is probably best described as a crème, or maybe a crème leaning crelly. What really makes this color shine is the flakies, which have a metallic look that seems to flash purple-pink, green-blue, and gold-silver as they catch the light. In addition, the green holo microglitter and linear holo finish add additional sparkle and rainbow to the polish, which never hurts. All of the elements work together, without being “too much”, to create a dynamic, gorgeous shade.

This polish is definitely going to be a favorite in my collection. It’s no secret that I love flakies, and flakies plus a holo finish is a stunning look. While this polish is no longer available, Joy Lacquer has some beautiful flakies (and other finishes) available right now, including a new collection called 25 Years of Ten, celebrating Pearl Jam. You can check it out on the Joy Lacquer site here.

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