Brother’s First MANicure

This post is not timely, but I wanted to share with you Brother’s very first MANicure, from back in June. In case you missed it, I actually already blogged one of Brother’s MANis, his 4th of July nails, which you can read about here. For those of you who missed that post, Brother is my wonderful brother-in-law. He and my fiancé have the same name, so lately I’ve taken to just calling him “Brother”. Anyway, being the fun sort of guy that he is, he’s taken to letting me paint his nails when I see him, and today I’ll be sharing the first MANicure.

Brother sees his nails as a “blank canvas” for me to experiment on, and the first time he had me paint his nails, I’d recently purchased my first solar polish from Joy Lacquer, as well as some thermal polish from Liquid Sky Lacquer (LSL).I won’t get into too much detail about LSL today, which is new to the blog. I’ll to an LSL feature post in the future with all the relevant details. We decided to play with layering a thermal and a solar, to see what kind of color combinations we could get. I painted one hand with the solar polish, Joy Lacquer’s Trip Around the Sun, a pale pink that turns blueish purple in the sun. On the other hand, I layered Trip Around the Sun with Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Violet Tendencies, a clear polish with teal, blue, violet, and pink chromatic flakies that turns bold violet when cold.

We had a lot of fun with his first MANi. I filed and shaped his nails, while detailing the basics of “proper” nail care. I told him about the importance of using a good base coat and explained many of the different polish finishes available. All the while, Brother listened attentively. He asked questions and learned more about my blog. It was a great bonding experience, and I really appreciated that he took the time to share in my hobby, even though it’s not something in which many guys would have interest.

As I mentioned in my review of Joy Lacquer’s Solar Trio, Trip Around the Sun’s formula is a tad on the thick side, but still really easy to use. It applies smoothly and evenly, with a standard dry time. I painted two coats of Trip Around the Sun on each of Brother’s hands, and then topped one hand with glossy topcoat. For the other hand, I added one coat of Violet Tendencies. Violet Tendencies had a pretty standard formula. The application could have been a bit smoother, but overall I was still pretty happy with it. If I was painting this alone, I probably would have opted for two coats, but I found that one was enough given Trip Around the Sun underneath. It also had a very standard dry time. Once it was dry, I topped that hand with glossy topcoat as well.

We had plenty of opportunities the next day to test out our combination, outdoors in the sun and heat, and later in the day, indoors in air conditioning. Because we spent time in the car, Brother was able to use the AC vent to test the thermal shift (he was not driving). On its own, Trip Around the Sun is a pale, delicate shimmery pink in the shade, and turns into a bright, shimmery, blueish purple in the sun. For more about my thoughts on this color, read my review of the trio, linked above. Topped with Violet Tendencies, it also had a a really fun flakie effect; the flakies in this polish are metallic and bright, mostly in cool-toned shades. In cool temperatures, the polish changes into a vibrant indigo that’s almost blue in certain lights. It’s a perfect, bright and bold shade for summer, and the transition from clear to this shade is very strong. I do wish the base had a bit of tint, as clear with flakies, the warm look, is kind of an odd look for me. That being said, this polish could also be used as a topper over many colors. All in all, Brother had a lot of fun playing with the transitions of his mani, and I enjoyed it as well.

In retrospect, it would have been better to combine colors that were less similar; both polishes have a shift to a deep, blueish purple when activated. We did still achieve three(ish) colors: pink shimmer with flakes, a bright purple in the sun and warm, and vibrant, indigo purple outdoors and cooled down. Next time, I’ll blend other shades to try to achieve a different color in each combination of sun/no sun and cool/warm. Despite being similar, the colors looked lovely, and we both had fun. Brother told me he preferred the shimmery polish, Trip Around the Sun, but liked them both. I guess shimmers are just more his thing. I’m excited for his next MANi. Who knows what we’ll do…



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