Sorry for the Blog Neglect…

Here Are My Excuses (Just Kidding)

If you follow my blog, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve been posting a lot less the last two weeks. And while I’m not going to excuse that, I thought I would share why I’ve been less present lately, and promise that I will be back to posting regularly in a few weeks. Until then, I’ll post when I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to still post a few times a week, but we’ll see.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m currently engaged to a wonderful guy named Tim. Our wedding is this month, so I’ve been putting more time into that as the day draws closer. I won’t pretend that this hasn’t led to blog neglect, but hopefully you’ll forgive me.

In addition to the upcoming wedding, we decided to adopt a dog last week, so we’ve been working on getting him settled in with us. I know, I know, nothing says, “I’m a responsible adult” like adopting a dog when your wedding is just a couple weeks away, and you’re starting a new job about a week after that. Despite things being a bit hectic, I’m so glad we decided to get a dog. I’m apparently more of a dog person than I thought. We’d been talking about it for quite some time, always joking about our imaginary dog, Taco. When we saw this guy online, we had to go meet him. We’ve been talking about Taco for so long, that we couldn’t imagine naming our dog anything else. So meet Taco!

I may or may not be trying to distract you from my lack of polish posts with pictures of my dog. Taco is about 2 years old, likely a Chihuahua Corgi mix, according to the shelter where we rescued him. He seems to fit the description. He’s a bit underweight, but we’re working on that. He’s very sweet, and loves cuddling and squeaky toys. He’s a welcome addition and already a much loved member of our little family.

While I still plan on keeping my blog polish focused with a dash of beauty, I may occasionally share photos of this guy. He’s too cute not to! I have some posts planned for the next few days, and hope to share with you soon.

As always, thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Sorry for the Blog Neglect…

    • Hopefully yes, if he lets me. He doesn’t love people touching his feet for some reason, so that’s a work in progress (he needs to get used to it so we can trim his nails, but we’re taking it slow). If/when it no longer bothers him, I’ll paint them, with dog-safe polish, of course. And thanks!


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