Ever After August 2016 Box: Mother of Dragons


It’s time for my Ever After August Box! This month the box was themed Mother of Dragons, inspired by Game of Thrones and the popular character Daenerys Targaryen (the mother of dragons). The polish, Mother of Dragons, is a stunning dragon scale inspired white creme base with soft linear holo and multi chrome flakes. The body product, From the Ashes, is an aloe, charcoal, and tea tree Facial Scrub Bar. Complementing this product, the mini is a moisturizing Face Cream scented with tea tree and primrose. And appropriately, the candy was Atomic Fireballs.


The Facial Scrub Bar, From the Ashes is a perfect product for this time of year, in my opinion. It’s the end of summer, with more time spent outdoors and lots of seasonal pollen is floating around, so it seems like there’s more “stuff” to stick to your skin. I’ve also recently decided to get bangs again, and while I generally have dry skin, this has made my forehead a bit oily lately. Tea Tree is supposed to be good for oily skin, Aloe is soothing, and Charcoal is a great cleansing product, making the bar a perfect solution for my end-of-summer skin concerns. The instructions are: “Massage bar all over face avoiding the eyes. Leave on 1-2 minutes then rinse with warm water. Follow with face cream.”

As you can tell from the photos, the bar has two layers: a clearish, thicker top layer, with a black base, which I’d guess is the charcoal component. It lathers well, and is a great solution for combination skin or people with multiple skin concerns, in my opinion. It leaves a black residue after use, but it rinses away clean and didn’t stain my washcloth. I was going to include a picture of my forehead with the scrub on it, but ultimately decided that was too weird. I noticed a difference after just one use. My skin felt cleaner and fresher without being dehydrated or irritated. I’ll definitely be including this in my regular routine.

facecream1Coordinating with the From the Ashes is this month’s mini, a moisturizing Face Cream. It’s no secret that I love Ever After’s crelly, so I had actually been hoping they’d make a face cream version of it. The crelly 2.0 formula is pretty lightweight, and I’ve used it on my face, but the Face Creme seems to be even lighter. It feels light and refreshing, providing moisture without being heavy or greasy. It absorbs right away and leaves a clean, subtle scent. The tea tree and primose scent perfectly balances sweet floral notes with cool botanical notes (the word I use to describe when something smells like a plant but not flowers). Like the Facial Scrub bar, I see this quickly becoming part of my regular routine, especially as the weather begins to cool and my skin needs more moisture.

Mother of Dragons is a gorgeous flakie, right up my alley. I was excited to get this one on my nails, and pleased with the application. The formula is of average thickness, and easy to use. It applies very evenly on the nail, and provides full coverage in two to three coats, depending on the thickness. For this mani, I opted for three thin coats. I had awesome wear with it; my mani lasted about a week without chipping.

Although it’s a white creme base, because of the holo, it appears to be more of a soft, light grey. The multichrome flakes appear to be primarily pink, blue, and green, with occasional flashes of orange and gold, depending on the light. They really pop against the greyish base, and are complimented by the linear holo, which adds even more sparkle and shine. The combination with the grey gives it a unique look, both sophisticated and fun at the same time. I’m a big fan of this combination, and have to say, this is probably my favorite monthly box polish yet.

At the end of my review every month, I tend to say the same thing: I loved the box and I can’t wait for next month. Well, sorry to those of you who are sick of reading it, but my thoughts on the August box are pretty much the same. I really like how the body products this month coordinate with each other, showing the time and thought that goes into curating these boxes. I really see the dragon scale inspiration in the polish, and the charcoal in the From the Ashes bar plays perfectly into the Mother of Dragons theme. Even the candy is perfect, as what candy reminds you of dragons more than fireballs? The September Box is themed Jack and Sally (from Nightmare Before Christmas), and has a duo of two full size polishes, rather than a polish and a full sized body product. The box went up on the site last night, and is available until the 15th.



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