Julep August 2016 Color Comparisions

I’m finally back! I have a lot of posts planned for the next few weeks, and although I start my new job on Monday, I’m hoping this week will mark me being back to posting more regularly. So, to get back into the swing of things, I’d better finish up with August, and share some August Color Comparisons. Although I wasn’t completely happy with the descriptions used for the August 2016 Collection, I found the collection to be generally unique, and really liked the colors.


Zori was the color I was most concerned about, as it seemed like it would be very similar to Yiyi, another holo jelly released earlier this year. I was pleasantly surprised to find Yiyi leans much more purple, while Zori is a true pink. The holo jelly finish really makes it stand out, and I didn’t find any pinks that were a close match for this shade.


In terms of the base shade, Stephanie is quite close to Jackie. However, the silver shimmer/silver flakes give it a metallic look, and really differentiates it from other reds. The silver really pops against the red, and makes Stephanie quite unique. I love a bold, red polish, so I’m excited to see a new finish added to the collection in this shade. Hopefully they’ll release a truly holographic red in the future as well.


Like Stephanie, Dominique is inherently unique in its finish; Julep hasn’t done many flakie type polishes. It is somewhat similar to Angelina in shade, but not the same. Angelina is a bit bluer and slightly more metallic, while Dominique is a bit more forest green. The flakie effect is different from the metallic look as well. I would definitely still call this one a new shade.


I had some trouble finding comparisons for Eliza, because it is lighter than a navy blue, but not as bright as many of the other medium blues. Beyond that, it also has the holographic finish, which makes it stand out. It’s pretty clear from the photo that Eliza is definitely unlike any color that has been done before.


Adeline was the least unique color this month. Julep has made more pinks than any other shade, and many of them have a shimmer finish. Adeline is very close in both color and finish to Jenny. The difference between the two is that Jenny has gold shimmer, while Adeline’s shimmer is slightly on the silver side. Despite this, the two are still very close, and I would have liked to see something more creative than this shade.


Pam also presented a challenge for finding color comparisons. There are very few metallic oranges, none of which were close in shade. Pam has the same silver flakes as Stephanie and Dominique, which really stand out against the orange. It gives this bright shade a semi-metallic look, not similar to any of the orange crèmes. It’s definitely something new for Julep in oranges.


I actually took another set of comparison photos for Alysha with completely different shades, but then realized they weren’t that close. So I pulled colors again and ended up with new shades. As the photos shows, there are a number of purple crèmes and shimmers that are close to Alysha in shade. However, none of them have a holographic finish, or even a multicolor glitter. It’s great to see a new shade in a new finish, and Alysha definitely meets that criteria.

With the exception of Adeline, I found the August Collection to be very unique. I had trouble pulling comparisons for a number of shades. Because Julep’s holographic catalog is still pretty small, there are many colors and shades that are unique when introduced in this finish. The silver flake effect that was used in three of this month’s supposedly holographic polishes is also new. While it’s clearly not holographic, it’s an interesting look, and definitely something Julep hasn’t done before. All in all, a great collection with interesting, individual shades.



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