Julep September 2016: Cheers to Five Years


The Cheers to Five Years Collection included:

  • 8 Nail Colors, All Wonder Mavens
  • A Mini Eyeliner Set featuring 5 shades
  • A Mini Lipstick Trio
  • When Pencil Met Gel Eye Glider in Gilded Gold Shimmer
  • A white Julep Emery Board

The September Collection celebrates the five-year anniversary of Julep’s subscription program. This month, each polish was a Wonder Maven polish, celebrating eight different women. I believe all of the Wonder Mavens this month are original Julep subscribers. The polishes in this month’s collection are a blend of lighter and darker colors, without a strong color palette theme. Also included in the collection were two sets of anniversary minis (lipstick and eye gliders) in new shades, as well as the release of one of the new Eye Gliders that originally launched with Ulta.

Yes, I know the label on Keena is wrong. I have fixed it but wasn’t going to retake the photo just for that.


Genevieve (75) is described as red rock chrome. Although it’s still a bright color, it’s a slightly less saturated red, almost clay-like. It appears to have tones of orange and rose, making it a very interesting color.

In terms of formula, I found Genevieve had a pretty standard formula that was easy to apply. The coverage was mostly even, and I felt I had full opacity after two coats. The dry time was average. I found I really liked this color. It’s not quite red, not quite rose, and not quite orange, with a metallic finish. I was a bit concerned that this color would be too similar to Cheyenne, a matte metallic from the November 2015 collection, but the color here seems less bright. I think Genevieve is a great color, especially for fall.


May (86), is a pale copper chrome. This light, metallic shade seems like a very peachy pink, or rose gold. It’s both pale and warm at the same time.

May had a very smooth formula that applied well. I was happy with the coverage it provided, and had full opacity after two coats. May’s drying time was pretty standard. The color is a hint more orange than I thought it would be, but I still think it’s a beautiful shade. Like Genevieve, this one seems to mirror a matte metallic from the November 2015 Collection, Rashida. May however, has a shiny metallic finish. Despite being a paler color, it fits in the fall palette, and would make a great metallic accent shade for a lot of different colors. I might have to try this one for stamping.


Acacia (87) is listed as blue fjord chrome. Acacia is probably my favorite polish this month based on the swatches. This shade is more summery than most of the collection, and is a vibrant turquoise blue metallic.

Acacia had a standard formula that was easy to use. It applied evenly, and had full coverage with two coats. Acacia had a normal dry time. Be warned, you’ll want a good base coat with this one, as it did stain when I swatched it. Like the previous two colors, it does seem to resemble a November 2015 matte metallic, this time, Sonia. I will include all of the matte metallics I’ve reference in my comparisons. Despite the potential similarities, I love this color. It is definitely my favorite of the collection. The shade has just a hint of green undertones. The blue is vibrant, almost electric, and definitely metallic, which makes it pop off of the nail. 


Peggy (88) is described as charcoal with rose shimmer. In the photos, Peggy appears to be more of a red-brown metallic, almost burgundy in shade. It’s a deep, rich color, definitely fitting with the traditional fall color palette.

Peggy also had a standard Julep formula, that worked well on the nail. I actually had almost full coverage after just one coat, but opted for two to ensure complete, even coverage. I found the dry time to be average. In person, Peggy was a bit different than I expected. It’s much more grey, and seems to fit the description much better than the online photos suggested. I would describe it as a dark, brownish grey with red shimmer. The rose shimmer stands out against the grey, giving the polish a metallic look and really making it unique.


Meredith (89) is a sea mist chrome polish. This shade is a pale, greenish blue that reminds me of beach glass. It has a silvery shimmer that gives it the chrome finish. Meredith almost feels like a spring shade, because it is such a lightly saturated color.

Like all of the other polishes, I found the formula of this one to be normal (I know you’re getting tired of hearing it, I’m tired of writing it). I applied two coats to achieve full opacity. I almost applied a third coat, but decided I didn’t need one. Meredith had a standard dry time (I promise, I’m tired of saying that, too). Like Acacia, and despite being a light shade, Meredith stained my nails after swatching, so be sure to use a good base coat. While this light, silvery blue is definitely not a traditional fall shade, I thought it looked lovely. The finish is very shiny and shimmery, and the greenish blue shade really does look like beach glass. This polish feels elegant, despite not being a traditional shade.


Keena (90) is listed as lily white with peach ghost shimmer. From the online swatches, the shimmer seems to be extremely subtle, if not indistinguishable. It shows up slightly stronger on some screens, but this polish generally appears to be more of creme.

Keena’s formula was slightly on the thinner side, compared to other Juleps. While it was easy to use, I found it had a streaky application, even after two coats. After I applied the third coat, I was satisfied that I had full coverage on the nail. Full coverage is hard to find in a white polish without doing numerous coats, but three coats is a bit much, especially if you want to use a polish as an undie. The dry time for this polish was normal. In terms of shimmer, I did not find Keena to have much shimmer, if any. It generally appears to be a white creme, and barely shows a hint of shimmer. I’m not sure there’s a point in using ghost shimmer finishes, as they’re almost indistinguishable from cremes.


Shirley (91) is described as a charred sage microshimmer. Shirley is a mossy, brownish green packed with gold microshimmer. It’s a perfect fall shade. Aside from the actual color, I also love the description for Shirley, as charred sage microshimmer sounds unique and incredibly specific.

Shirley’s formula was a standard formula, not too thick, not too thin. It applied easily and evenly to my nails. I used two coats to achieve full, opaque coverage. The dry time was average. I apologize as the photo seems to be not quite in focus. Shirley was pretty similar to the online photos and description. I very much like the way the gold shimmer plays off of the green base, which gives the polish a lot of dimension. Depending on the light, the polish tends to lean a bit forest green and a bit browner green, for a really natural, earthy shade.


Yasmin (92) is a marigold chrome polish. It’s a rich, medium orange with slight yellow tones, that keep it from being too traffic-cone-esque. Yasmin is a wonderful summer-fall transition color.

For the final time, I will tell you that Yasmin had a very average formula that was simple to use. As is the standard, I applied two coats for complete coverage. Like every other polish this month, Yasmin had a regular dry time. In person, I found Yasmin had perhaps a tad more yellow tones than I expected, but it made me like the color even more. I would even venture to call it bright, golden orange. The metallic finish really complements the shade, giving it a vibrant, shiny look.

Final Thoughts

Although this month’s collection didn’t have a strong unifying color theme, I was generally pleased with it. The upside to such a broad range of colors is that almost everyone can find a shade they like, a great feature to have in an anniversary month. While I do have concerns that some of the colors will be very similar to shades released last fall, all eight polishes had a good formula and a good dry time, and seven out of eight had full coverage in two coats. There could have been a bit more variety in finish, but most of these colors still stand out from the overall collection. It won’t be my favorite collection of the year, but all in all, a strong anniversary collection.



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