Ever After Lip Gloss


At Polish Con in September, Ever After released Lip Gloss, another new product for their line. They were so sweet to send me the glosses for free, so I wanted to make sure and share these goodies with you.

Before I get into telling you about the Lip Gloss, can we talk about how impressive the breadth of Ever After’s product line is? I mean, really. Not only do they have a huge catalog of polish, participating in many collaborations, and related beauty items (cuticle cream, cuticle oil, etc.), they have a whole line of bath and body products. They are also now expanding into home goods (wax melts, mmm) and beauty (lip gloss and eyeshadows, which I can’t wait to post about). The hard work these two do, and how accessible and caring they are for their customers, is truly amazing.

Okay, back to the gloss. This release included three unique colors, each with a different flavor/scent, and level of shimmer. According to the site, “flavored and scented these lip glosses add just a hint of shine. Can be used alone or paired with your favorite lip stick.” The current flavors are Bubble Gum, Cherry Kiss, and Blackberry Bordeaux.

I’ve tried every color on its own, and mixed them with other lip products, and I’m quite pleased with the results. The gloss comes it a standard lip gloss tube, with the applicator built into the tube, and a screw on/off cap. It’s a perfect size; not so mini it will run out too quickly, but small enough to carry around all day. It is very easy to apply and control the amount of gloss you use. The formula is thin, but not too liquid, which allows for easy application without feeling heavy on your lips. The gloss is very moisturizing, without feeling greasy, and my lips feel softer after using it. My average wear time was 3-4 hours; a bit less if I was eating or drinking. The best part? It’s not sticky at all, like so many other glosses.


eabubblegumBubble Gum is a soft baby pink with slight shimmer. Bubble Gum smells exactly like, you guessed it, bubble gum. And I mean exactly. I would describe it as having a hint of shimmer, making it just a bit shinier than a plain gloss. Because Bubble Gum is a very light pink, and my natural lip color is pinkish, this one doesn’t have a strong color on me, adding just a hint of pink. The payoff is more in the glossiness and shimmer. On its own, it really polishes off a look while keeping a relatively nude lip. It can also be layered over other lip products (or with other glosses) to add more shine/sparkle without changing your base color.

eacherryshimmerCherry Kiss is a cherry red with lots of shimmer. In terms of flavor/scent, this one reminds me of cherry flavored Fun Dip, which I realize is incredibly specific, but it’s what I smell. This one definitely has a stronger shimmer, which shows on the lips. It’s not a glittery look, but a really fine shimmer, which is a bit more versatile and practical than a glittery gloss. In terms of color, Cherry Kiss is a medium, reddish pink. Like any gloss, it’s sheer, but definitely gives my lips a rosier tint. It layers well with other colors, and can really add a hint of brightness to pale shades.

eablackberrybordeauxBlackberry Bordeaux is a deep dark berry, and probably my favorite of the glosses. The flavor/scent reminds me a lot of berry Jolly Ranchers or other berry flavored hard candies. This one doesn’t have any shimmer, but still provides a natural, shiny finish. Blackberry Bordeaux is the darkest of the glosses, with a rich, purplish red shade. On its own, it definitely darkens my lips, adding just more than a hint of color. It’s still fairly sheer, and can add more or less depending on how much you apply. I especially love the way it layers over neutral shades, to add just a hint of wine color.

I’m very grateful to Ever After for sending me these glosses, and after testing them, definitely recommend you pick some up. They add a nice hint of color and a glossy (and sometimes shimmery) finish to any look. They smell delightful without being overpowering, and remind me of a variety of fun candies. All three shades are available here, for only $4 each. It’s a perfect addition to any Ever After Order.

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