Liquid Sky Lacquer Evening Cocktails

eveningcocktailsbottle1It’s time for me to introduce another brand to the blog. I know I’ve mentioned Liquid Sky Lacquer (LSL) before, in my post about Brother’s First MANicure, but I didn’t give it a proper introduction. So here it is. Liquid Sky Lacquer is an indie brand with a pretty sizeable catalog. There are quite a few colors listed on their site, from holos, to thermals, to glitter bombs. Both the size and variety of their catalog is quite impressive. Every polish is labeled as made by Carolyn, and the website confirms that their colors are five free. One of my favorite features is that just about every color is available in mini; you all know I love minis, so this really appeals to me. I opted to order 4 mini thermal colors to try out LSL.

One thing to note, based on anecdotal evidence (my own order and my friends’ orders), is that LSL can have a long turnaround-time (TAT). I don’t note this is listed on the site, so it may not be standard, but I’ve seen TATs of up to 3 weeks. In my opinion, anything over a week should be listed on the site if it’s the standard, or result in communication from the maker if it’s uncommon but an order is delayed. That’s just my two cents. I’d give them another try, as there are many other colors I’d love to try, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the TAT of any future orders placed by me or my friends.

eveningcocktailsbottle2Anyway, moving on to the actual color, Evening Cocktails. Evening Cocktails is a deep wine to plum thermal with rose-gold flakies, which was released as part of their Summer 2016 Collection. At the time I ordered this, I didn’t have any thermals, so I really wanted to try a few. And a thermal with flakies? Yes please!

Thermal polishes have two shades, a warm color and a cold color. Generally, the warm color is the shade you see on your nails at normal body temperature. The cold color appears on the tips of your nails if your tips go past the end of your fingers, if you run your fingers under cool water, and in the bottle at room temperature. There are some that are in the cool state on your fingers and have to be warmed more to shift to the warm color, and there are some that need to be colder than room temperature to activate the cold color. In general, though, cold in bottle/on nail tips and warm on the nails seems to be the case for most thermals, including Evening Cocktails. For this polish, the warm color is the reddish plum, and the cold color is the deep wine.

In terms of formula, Evening Cocktails is slightly on the thicker side. I think this is probably standard for thermal polishes, as I’ve found it to be the case for all of the ones I’ve used so far. It wasn’t so thick that it made application challenging. It was generally easy to use and applied evenly to my nails. The dry time was longer than average, probably due to the thicker formula. I ended up applying three thin coats to achieve full coverage. I think you could get away with two thicker coats if you wanted, but you’d need more dry time to do so. I topped with glossy top coat for extra shine.

Evening Cocktails is a lovely polish, reminding me of summer sangria. The warm color is a perfect summer berry, with just the right blend of red and pink, with a hint of purple. It’s bold, bright, and fun. The cold state is perfectly described as deep wine. It’s a deep, purpley burgundy. This shade feels like a fall transition color to me, and I love how rich and dark it is. The flakies especially stand out in the cool state, catching the light and complementing both the berry and wine shades of this polish. They reflect gold, magenta, orange, and red, depending on the light. While this polish has multiple shifting elements that create a very dynamic look, it’s cohesive and quite lovely. I really enjoy both states of the polish, and would definitely wear it again.

Since my nails have been getting longer, I’ve been sealing the tips and painting the undersides, both to protect my nails and get more wear out of my manis. With most manis lately, I’ve been getting about a week with no chips. Unfortunately, that was not the case with this shade. I had tip wear on the second day, and chipping by the third day. I followed the same process I’ve been using, so I don’t think it was user error. More likely, LSL just doesn’t work as well with my body chemistry as other brands. And that’s okay; you can’t expect every brand to work perfectly for you. I still really like the color of this polish, and would use it again, just keeping in mind that I have shorter wear time. While I probably won’t buy a ton of LSLs, since they don’t last as long on me, I’m happy with my purchase, and will definitely be giving LSL another try in the future.



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