Fair Maiden Ice Petals

For my first week at my new job (last week), I really wanted a mani that was mature and sophisticated, but still fun. While I very rarely find a mani that I think is actually inappropriate for the office environment, sometimes I want something that’s a bit demure or understated. While I don’t normally gravitate towards pastel pinks, I decide to wear Fair Maiden’s Ice Petals, which I have in a mini bottle.

In late November 2015, Fair Maiden released the Winter at Dusk Collection, which included Ice Petals. I picked up a mini bottle of Ice Petals in a destash, along with a few other shades (in mini, of course) from that collection. Ice Petals is a light blush pink with green sparkle, blue-violet-red color shifting iridescent micro flakes finished with icy shimmering silver flakes. It’s a really unique and interesting pink; you don’t often see this combinations of shades, which is why I picked this pink.

In terms of application, Ice Petals had a pretty standard formula that was really easy to use and applied very evenly across the nail. I’m always impressed by how well Fair Maiden’s mini brush is, and this time was no exception. The dry time was average. I applied two regular coats, which gave me full, opaque coverage. Then, I topped with Fair Maiden’s It’s Magic! 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat, which has been my favorite top coat lately. It is smooth, glossy, and long-lasting. Best of all, I don’t get any shrinkage or bubbling with it.

Ice Petals is a very dynamic, shifting shade. I apologize, because I did not capture many photos of this one, which I did not realize until after I had removed it. I did not do this one justice. Sorry! Depending on the lighting, it has completely different looks. In softer light, it looks like a pale pink with silvery shimmer. In sunlight (and really bright artificial light) it has a rainbow, holographic effect from the color shifting micro flakes, really standing out against the pink base and adding a lot of dimension to the color. Sometimes it also appears to have a golden shimmer. My favorite look, which I really had trouble capturing, is how this polish looks in direct light. With just the right angle, the green sparkle and silver flakes really stand out, giving the polish a bluish, icy shimmer. It looks just like a delicate flower petal that has iced over in winter, just as it is named.


While it’s not a traditional color for me, I found myself really enjoying Ice Petals, and am glad I wore it. There’s so much variety in the different looks you can capture with this shade, which makes it fun and interesting. At the same time, it’s a delicate shade, creating a sophisticated and elegant mani. I recommend it to anyone who loves softer, nude looks, but wants something with a bit more dimension than a standard crème.




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