Julep Zodiac: Leo

The 7th polish of the Zodiac Collection is Leo, For July 23rd – August 22nd. Leo is a “golden honey duo metallic– for the confident and majestic Leo personality.”

In the online swatches, Leo is a darker, amber gold with a shimmery, metallic finish. In the bottle and dollop photos, there are hints of a green shift on the edges.


I found that Leo was on the thicker side of normal for a Julep polish. It seems that thicker formulas are normal for the Zodiac Collection. Although I would have preferred a slightly thinner polish, I didn’t have any issue with application, and it went on evenly on the nail. The dry time was pretty average. Leo had good coverage, and I only needed two coats for full opacity, which is a marked improvement for this collection. Unfortunately, because the formula is so thick, one mani again left me with a pretty significant fill line, even though it was only a two-coater. Once my second coat was dry, I topped with glossy top coat.


While I generally like gold polishes, Leo did not really impress me. The orangey gold shade dominates, and has a rich, deep look that I really liked. Depending on the lighting, it sometimes looks more orange, and other times seems more of a yellow gold. The metallic finish is strong, and really makes the gold shimmer and shine. However, the hint of green shift takes away from that look, making the polish look like copper that is starting to go green. The look is almost too subtle. Rather than seeming like a deliberate duo metallic shift, you end up with a polish that just sometimes looks a bit off. While I wanted to like this one, I much prefer a true amber gold or a true duo metallic, rather than this in-between shade.

Color Comparisons

While there aren’t any other gold duo metallic polishes, Julep has a number of great darker golds and goldish coppers, so it was pretty easy to pull shades for comparison with Leo.

I assumed Mahima would be the closest to Leo, as it is also a very amber leaning gold. I had forgotten about Luz, which I’d say is the closest to Leo. Although the two are similar, Leo is a different shade, and is further differentiated by the green shift. While some of these shades are close, Leo is definitely unique, and doesn’t duplicate any existing polishes.

Overall, Leo was a disappointment to me. I found the shade itself looked a bit odd, and just isn’t something I would pick to wear. Beyond that, it’s another polish where you get very low value, and would get many less manis out of this polish than you would out of an average Julep. While I’ve generally liked the colors of the Zodiac Collection, this one just didn’t do it for me.



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