Ever After September 2016 Box: Jack and Sally


Ever After’s September Box was themed Jack and Sally, for the two characters from the film Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve never actually seen the full film, so I probably can’t speak too much to how these polishes fit the characters, beyond the plot summary I read and the photos I searched, but I’ll do my best. This month’s box was a bit different than normal, and included two regular polishes in a limited edition bottle shape. The polishes are Jack, a creamy white scattered holo with black flakes and shimmer, and Sally, a pale seafoam green (with) copper, gold and multi color chrome flakes with scattered holo shimmer. While the box didn’t have any bath products or minis this month, a sweet treat was of course included, in the form of little candy bones. And, to top it all off, there was a coupon for $5 off your next Ever After purchase.


Before I get into the polishes, I should say that I struggled to decide the best way to incorporate both shades into a mani, not because they don’t go together, but because I guess I just wasn’t feeling creative this week. Probably because I broke pretty much every single nail. It is totally my fault, because I left them with only a base coat/nail treatment, my nails are pretty thin, and I have a bad habit of buffing them (which makes them thinner), thus leading to me breaking them while doing chores over the weekend. Tragic. I’ll just have to be diligent about using my EA cuticle oil to grow them out stronger this time.

ANWYAY, I decided to just go with a classic accent nail, with Jack on my ring fingers and Sally on the rest of my nails. In terms of formula, I found both polishes to be similar. They were slightly on the thicker side, but still applied easily, and I didn’t have any problems. The coverage was very even, and had full opacity in two coats. The dry time was pretty average, and I topped with glossy top coat.

I really enjoyed both colors, because they are unique, and as you know, I love flakes. Jack appears as more of a pale grey creme because of the scattered holo, but it’s still a delicate color. The black flakes and shimmer stand out, creating an interesting, monochromatic look, accented by the holographic effect. The flakes seem almost semi-matte, which is no something I’ve seen often. Sally is a perfect minty, pale green that reminds me of mint ice cream. The flakes stand out in this polish as well, because they are warm copper and gold tones, against the cold-toned green base. It creates a different look, but one that works, again accented by just a touch of holo shimmer. I found both of these polishes to be very creative, and unlike an other flakies I’ve seen.

Even though I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the movie, both polishes seem to be a strong fit for the characters they represent. Jack, a skeleton, is a greyish white, like the base of Jack, with mostly black features, just like the dark flakes in the polish. Sally’s base also mimics the shade of her skin, while the flakes in this polish reflect her hair. It’s interesting to see how these characters are reflected in the polish, creating two very inspired and unique shades. I really enjoyed this box, despite not having a strong knowledge of the theme, and think they hit the nail on the head. The October box is going to be a fall themed box, and I can’t wait!



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