Julep September 2016 Color Comparisons

Well, it’s taken me a bit longer than I would have liked to get caught up, but I think this is officially my last post on September things. If all works out, I’ll be sharing a few fall collections with you in the next few weeks, but this is my last September-specific post. So, here are my Julep September Color Comparisons. My initial review of the collection was pretty positive, noting that the colors had good formulas and a wide range of shades and colors. However, I also noticed that the finishes were pretty limited, and that there wasn’t a strong theme. I was also concerned that a number of the colors were very similar to polishes released last year. I’ve included these shades in my comparisons below.


I was most concerned the Genevieve would be very similar to Cheyenne, albeit with a shiny, rather than matte finish. While Cheyenne was close, I found that Jodie was even more similar, and has the same finish as Genevieve. Although Genevieve has a hint more orange, it’s not significantly different, and is just a slightly altered Jodie from my perspective, rather than being a new color.


May was a bit of a challenge for pulling comparisons, as I can’t quite nail it down as peach, pink, rose gold, or copper. I opted to pull all the metallic finishes within those shades. While there may be a few crèmes closer in color, metallic is a very different finish, so I thought this comparison would be the most useful. It was pretty clear as a picked my comparisons that May isn’t like any other shade. I was concerned it would be similar to Rashida, but it’s much more peach/rose, as opposed to Rashida’s browner tones.


Acacia was my third polish of concern, as like the two above, I felt it would be similar to a matte metallic, Sonia. However, I actually picked shades and took a a photo without Sonia, forgetting it might be close. As you can see from photos round two, Sonia is much more grey. Magdalene was actually the closest shade, but Acacia is lighter, and doesn’t have any shift like Magdalene (which has a green shift in some lighting). While it could have been more different, I’d consider Acacia to be a new shade.


Because Peggy is a shifting polish, it’s hard to decide what its primary color is. I decided Peggy belonged with browns, and actually found many browns with purple and red tones to compare. While Peggy is close to Virginia and Sawyer, they tend to lean more red, while Peggy seems to lean purple. I’d say this shade could have been a bit more creative, and  just barely passes the bar for not being a dupe in my book.


Meredith was the most challenging shade this month, and I really struggled to find colors for comparison. It’s a greyish, greenish blue metallic, and Julep does not have a significant amount of metallic blues, let alone metallic light blues. I found Meredith to be completely and totally unique, unlike any other color Julep has made before.


I did not expect Keena to be particularly unique, given that the shimmer is barely perceptible, if at all, and given that Julep has made numerous other white crème polishes. I compared it to plain white crèmes, as well as white shimmers. As expected, although there are very minor variations in how each polish leans white or ivory, they all look quite similar, and Keena is no exception. I found nothing original about this shade.


Julep has a surprising amount of forest green metallics, so I wasn’t sure how Shirley would compare. It is closest to Hailee, but definitely lighter, and has a shiny finish, compared to Hailee’s more matte, suede finish. Shirley is in the same family as many other darker, metallic greens, but doesn’t duplicate and of them. I’d call this shade an original.


I’m always pleased to see more neglected colors included, so it was nice to see an orange this month. I thought Yasmin would be close to Ashley, but was pleased to find Yasmin had more coppery earth tones, compared to Ashley’s brighter orange shimmer. Overall, Yasmin is a unique shade, and I’m happy to see it in this collection.

I was a little surprised to find as many near duplicates as I did in this collection, and was discouraged to find as much. While a few shades stand out, others are very close to the existing colors, or are just barely unique. Overall, the collection could have been a lot more innovative and interesting, especially given it was celebrating five years of Julep Maven. I know that with 800 colors, there are inevitably going to be some repeats, but the more I think about it, the more I feel like this month would have been the perfect month to release really unique and creative shades. Instead, it’s just a collection of shades that largely already existed, and leaving me disappointed.



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