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As I had mentioned in my review of the their Lip Gloss, Ever After also recently added Eyeshadow to their lineup. Their initial launch included an impressive eight shades, all princess themed, to go with the eight current princess polishes. As the remaining princess polishes are released, a new EA Eyeshadow will debut as well. As if it wasn’t impressive enough to start with that many shades, they released an additional two limited edition colors for the last launch a week ago, and included yet another color in the October sub box. Since the box will get its own post, this review will cover the eight princess shades as well as two limited edition colors.


Ever After’s Eyeshadow is made with mica, and comes in individual pots of color. According to the site, “each one is hand made and hand pressed..all colors pair well together and work well alone or blended together…to use: Sweep brush over color and apply to eyes. Use a primer with highly pigmented colors to avoid staining.” The site also notes that because they are handmade, they are fragile and can break. I’ll write about each current shade individually, and share my overall thoughts at the end of the post.

onceuponadreamOnce Upon A Dream- This shade is of course inspired by Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty, and the song from the movie. It’s described as a Burgundy with gold shimmer. This color is probably one of the most interesting to me, as you don’t often see colors in the red family as eyeshadows, despite the fact that they complement so many skin tones. This particuar red is an earthy, brick red, which shines because of the gold shimmer.

taleasoldastimeTale As Old As Time- Also named after an iconic princess song, this shade represents Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This shadow is a 24k gold level shimmer, and pretty clearly reminds me of her beautiful gold ballgown. This shadow is a true gold, not yellow, packed with metallic shimmer and sparkle. It’s a very luxurious look.

kissinfrogsKissin Frogs- Inspired by Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, this shadow is Lime green with gold sparkle. This is probably the brightest shade in the collection, a true lime green reminiscent of cartoon frogs. And the color you see is the color you get, no fading or dulling. The gold sparkle adds something extra, perhaps making this froggy shadow just a little bit royal.

wholenewworldWhole New World- This is the Jasmine eyeshadow, named for her song in the Aladdin movie. Jasmine is listed as a Deep silver leaning teal with silver shimmer. Whole New World is a wonderful subtle shade, almost a silvery moss color. It’s earthy but sophisticated, really dressed up by the silver shimmer. It’s very versatile, and can work with a cool or warm toned look.

dinglehopperDinglehopper- If you haven’t seen The Little Mermaid in a while, you might not remember that a Dinglehopper is, according to the seagull Scuttle, what humans use to comb their hair. Or you know, it’s a fork. This polish for Ariel is a Blue leaning teal with gold and copper and rainbow sparkles. This shadow is probably the most pigmented of the colors, and really packs a whallop of bright, turquoise blue. If you love bold and bright shadow, this is definitely the one for you.

dreamerDreamer- This eyeshadow is for perhaps the most iconic princess, Cinderella. Described as Icy silver with a hint of blue and white sparkle, this shade is a cool, icy white that leans just a bit blue, like Cinderella’s ball gown, or even more so her famous glass slippers. This shadow is a great blending color to tone down brighter shades, or on its own for an icy, pale look.

tangledTangled- Tangled is from the movie of the same name, inspired by Rapunzel. It’s a Light periwinkle with copper sparkle. This purpley perwinkle is a perfect match to her dress, and the copper sparkle reminds me of her hair at the end of the movie. Rapunzel really is embodied in this shade. I don’t think I’ve spoiled anything by saying that, but if you haven’t seen tangled, you really should. According to my younger sister, who is much better at makeup than I, purple eyeshadow looks good on everyone, so definitely give Tangled a try.

leatherLeather- This is one of two limited edition shadows that were released earlier in the month along with a restock of the princess colors. Leather is listed as Dark almost black used for shading and liner. In the pot this one does seem to have tones of pink and purple, but once applied it is pretty true black, as you can see in my swatch photo below. If you’re going for a really dark smoky eye, this is a go-to color.

laceLace- The second limited edition shade is Lace, released together with Leather. Lace is an Ivory with just a hint of pink. This is my favorite shade so far, probably becuase it’s a perfect nude on me, with just a suggestion of iridescence to dress up any look. It’s something I can wear every day. It works as a base, a main color, or as a blending shade to achieve the color you want.

colorsofthewindColors Of The Wind- Inspired by Pocahontas, this shadow is Brown with bronze copper and gold sparkle. It’s a perfect match to this Disney Princess, inspired by nature just as Pocahontas was. Colors Of The Wind is a very earthy bronze, which shimmers without being overly metallic. This shadow is also pretty high on my list, as I feel like it can match with just about any look.


I have to say, I’m impressed by the color payoff of these shadows. The color it shows up as in the pot is the color it will be on your skin. Of course, I have very fair skin, so they’re especially vibrant on me, but the color is rather opaque, so I think it would pop on any skin tone, no matter how light or dark. They’re easy to apply, and while they do have some fallout, it wiped away easily with no staining. I used an eyeshadow brush, but you could probably reduce any fallout by using a more traditional wand applicator. You don’t have to apply a significant amount for great color, and they also blend well. I generally use primer with powder shadows, and found these to last all day without needing reapplication.

I’m really pleased with these colors, and I think they fit a gap in products right now. It seems like very brand is focused on nudes and neutrals, and while I do gravitate towards those most days, I like having the option to go with something bold and bright, or to blend a bright with a neutral for a suggestion of color. This collection offers both neutral and bright colors, so everyone can find shades that work for them. I don’t believe every color is still in stock, but they are restocked periodically, and you can find them on the site here. I would definitely check them out.

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