Joy Lacquer Kinderqueen Collection


In celebration of the new school year and her daughter starting kindergarten, Joy of Joy Lacquer released the KinderQueen Collection, a set of seven back-to-school inspired shades. The colors are bright, fun, and creative, with a variety of finishes and effects. If you ordered the mini collection, like I did, it also came with a mini bottle of quick-dry topcoat. As always with Joy Lacquer, even the packaging was adorable, from the KinderQueen sticker and logo, to the brown bag it was packaged in, to the school themed washi tape on the bubble wrap. It even came with a rainbow colored pencil to get you in that back-to-school mood!

PB&J Yay!

“This delicate looking polish is a shimmery taupe with a strong pink flash.  It includes copper brown flecks, and a few raspberry and grape chrome flakies speckled in. The base has a smooth “buttery” application, but is still a bit “jelly” to accommodate layering of the flakies. PB&J is a classic memory for those who brown bagged it to school every day and this is my interpretation of the classic sandwich, represented in the most beautiful way possible!”

Talk about peanut butter and jelly! Before I even talk about application, I have to say that this polish is probably the most accurate representation of an inspiration I’ve ever seen. Everything about this shade is PB&J. I love it so much. Maybe there should be whole food-inspired collection…spaghetti and meatballs polish, anyone? Okay, back to the serious stuff. PB&J Yay! had a pretty standard formula that applied easily, even with a mini brush. I’d say the dry time was just on the longer side of average. It is somewhat sheer, so I applied three thin coats to achieve full coverage. I am such a fan of this color. it’s coppery and brown, with just a hint of purple tones. The copper flecks accentuate the base, while the raspberry and grape flakies stand out and really do give off that peanut butter and jelly feel. It’s such a unique and interesting combination. I can’t imagine how this polish could be better.

Show and Teal Day

A bright blue-green color that leans deeper emerald and has a light holo finish. This bright teal is more than meets the eye because you’ll notice it pops with electric blue sparkles and shimmers with a bright green and gold flash. As a kid, the much anticipated Show and Tell Day was the highlight of our week and this polish is definitely brag-worthy.”

Show and Teal day had a normal formula that applied well, with even coverage and no streakiness. I applied three thin coats to achieve opacity on the nail. The dry time was normal. Show and Teal day is a vibrant teal, that leans more green than blue. It has just enough holo to create a light shimmer effect, with blue and lime green shimmer really standing out. This shade is both bright and deep, perfect for the summer-fall transition, and definitely something you could show off to the class.

I Heart My Teacher

A linear holographic pink that’s super bright and cheerful, just like a kindergarten teacher! I Heart My Teacher is even more beautiful when you notice the combination of subtle gold and lavender flashes that catch in the light. Being a teacher takes patience, commitment and a huge heart and this is my tribute to the incredible people that make up the fiber of the education system. Teachers, we heart you!”

This polish is just a touch on the thin side, but applies without any problems. I used three coats for full coverage, and found it dried a bit faster than average. I Heart My Teacher is a medium, deeply saturated pink with just a hint of purple tones. Depending on the angle of the light, you can see the gold or lavender shimmer, which make the shade shift from warm-leaning to cold-leaning. Of course, no bright pink would be complete without a holographic effect, which really catches the sunlight. Kindergarten me would be really torn about this shade, as I loved anything with rainbow sparkle, but hated pink on the principle of not being a girly girl. Although, I did love my kindergarten teacher.

Brand New Black Pack

“Brand new school year means a brand new back pack! This is the thermal of the collection. A black to gray scattered holo with an intense galactic finish. When warm, the gray shows speckles of black holo microglitter and silvery lavender shimmers. In the cold state, it’s a deep charcoal-gray that highlights the  reflective holo glitters, and again the beautiful scattered purple effect. Just like the polish “fades” as it warms to your fingertips, your backpack might go from a shiny and new at the beginning of the year, to a comfy worn color by the last day of school.”

Brand New Black Pack had a thicker formula, which I find is often the case with thermals. Despite this, it applied very evenly with no dragging. I was pleased with the coverage I had with two coats. Dry time is a little longer than average, which again, is standard for thermals. I enjoy how this polish has the appearance of a gritty texture from the black microglitter, but is still smooth to the touch. In the warm state, the base is a pale grey, really showing off the microglitter and silvery shimmer. I found the purple to be a bit more noticeable in the cool state, where the shimmer and holo effect really contrast against the almost black base. A picture of the backpack that inspired this shade was shared in the Joyful Fingers fan group on facebook, and I have to say, this polish captured it perfectly.

Crocodile Tears

In this iridescent micro-glitter-bomb top coat, the turquoise, aqua and emerald-green elements take several forms. Multi-sized and multi-shaped holographic glitter glisten in sheer pearly base. This ethereal aqua top coat shimmers with an opal-like finish and will transform any base color into sparkling drops of wonder.


This polish is meant to be a top coat, but I’ve applied it alone so you can see the coverage it has with various coats. There’s one coat on my ring finger (top), two on my middle finger, and three on my pointer. Crocodile Tears has a normal base, with the glitter distributing well across the nail, even with one coat. It has a fairly quick dry time, so you could apply several coats without adding on too much time to your mani. The base of this topper is definitely a pearl finish, with the fluid shimmer playing of the various sizes of green toned glitter. The light catches the glitter to reflect teal, blue, and even purple tones, reminding me of wet scales in water. There’s no need for crocodile tears here. This polish is gorgeous.

Crush on the Blue-Eyed Boy

A beautiful royal-blue violet with a sparkling jewel-like shimmer. It’s packed with purple and blue micro-flecks throughout and has a dash of scattered holo dust that gives it an extra twinkle. The one thing you remember most about your first crush is the color of his eyes and this polish was made to match a dreamy shade of blue.”

Crush on the Blue-Eyed Boy had a pretty average formula, with no application problems. I opted for three thin coats to achieve full opacity and remove any visible nail line. The dry time was standard. Blue is one of my favorite polish colors, and this one is no exception. This is a bright, royal blue polish packed with purple shimmer that creates an interesting and dynamic shift. The holo dust gives it just a hint of a metallic effect and rainbow power, creating additional sparkle and shine. I don’t know about the blue-eyed boy, but I definitely have a crush on this polish.

Josie Joy

“Josie Joy is a rich, iris purple with a subtle red/orange chameleon shifty-ness, and a smooth linear holographic finish with a blue sheen to it. In honor of her starting Kindergarten this year, Josie’s favorite color purple, is named after her in this school themed collection.”


The formula for this color was very standard. It went on evenly without any streaking. Like most other shades in this collection, I opted for three thin coats, which gave me full coverage. The dry time was normal. Josie’s namesake polish is a soft yet vibrant medium purple. The red/orange shimmer is subtle but definitely there, especially when you rotate your nails or the bottle in the light. The linear holo really complements this shimmer, adding extra dimension to this lovely shade. I have to imagine any KinderQueen would be honored to have this shade named after them.

Final Thoughts

Normally in a collection review, I would give my initial thoughts on the color before my photos, but Joy gives such excellent color descriptions and inspiration explanations that I felt like I didn’t need to! I love the ideas behind these polishes, and feel that each one really captures the idea it represents. I found myself being reminded of kindergarten and starting school, pondering how five year old me would have felt about these polishes. I’m pleased to say adult me was truly impressed. I was of course excited to see the collection available in minis, and am glad to be adding them to my collection. You can still purchase the colors from Joy Lacquer hereGood luck to the Class of 2029, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing year!



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