Fantasmic Flakies June 2016: Ever After Sea Of Flakes

seaofflakesbottleIf you’ve read my blog before, you probably know that polish with flakes (or flakies, depending on your preference) is undoubtedly my favorite. I love a good crème when I want to feel sophisticated, enjoy the fun texture of stardusts and fizzies, and appreciate holo, but for me, flakes take the cake. So, when a flakie specific polish group, Fantasmic Flakies, was created, I had to join.

Fantasmic Flakies is a place to share mani photos, talk about flakies, and participate in monthly group custom polishes. Each month, the members vote in a color poll (or color polls) to decide the color(s) for the next month’s customs. Once the poll closes, everyone can submit inspiration photos for the winning color, and once submissions close, vote on the photos by liking them. The winning photo is used by each maker to create a flakie polish that only group members are allowed to purchase.

Fantasmic Flakies’ first custom was released in June, with at least one a month since. The first four months had one, October actually had three, and moving forward, there will be two polishes per month, each from a different maker. While I’ve been a member since the customs started, I haven’t had the chance to blog any yet. I’m really excited to be able to share these, and hopefully I’ll get caught up quickly, to the point where I’m blogging these in the correct month. So on to the main event.

The first ever Fantasmic Flakies custom polish was created by Ever After Polish. The color was coral, and the inspiration photo was a beautiful coral reef. The group voted on polish names, and named the polish Sea Of Flakes. Sea Of Flakes is a vibrant, orange coral with multi-chrome flakes and cobalt blue shimmer.


Please note: The inspiration photo is not mine, and all rights belong to the original copyright holder. Because I don’t know where people pull the photos from, I don’t know if they have the rights to them or not. I feel that it would be a disservice not to include them here, but I will remove them immediately if I am violating any copyright by doing so.

Ever After knows how to make a flakie polish, and this one was no exception. The formula was easy to work with, not too thick, and not too thin. To me this is especially important in a flakie, because it will require too many coats if too thin, and hide the flakies if it’s too thick. This polish was so close to being a one coater, but I generally do thin coats, so it wasn’t quite enough. I did apply two coats to ensure full coverage, but you could probably get away with one thick coat if that’s your preference. I was really impressed by this. The dry time was slightly faster than normal. Sea Of Flakes dried to semi-matte finish, and I topped with glossy top coat for extra shine.

Even though I don’t normally gravitate towards orange shades, I found myself quite enjoying this color. The base is dominantly bright, hazard orange, but there are definite tones of coral pink in some lighting. The blue shimmer is a perfect complement to this base (literally orange and blue are complementary colors), really standing out and creating a unique, interesting look. The multichrome flakes add even more dimension, catching the light with tones of copper, gold, magenta, purple, and blue. It’s fun, creative, and lovely.

Not only is this shade beautiful in its own right, it also really fits the inspiration photo. You can tell that real thought and consideration went into the design, and that the polish draws on the colors and general feel of the picture. In my mind, the base is inspired by the coral, the shimmer inspired by the water, and the flakes inspired by the fish. This polish actually is a Sea Of Flakes.

I only have good things to say about Sea Of Flakes. I’m so glad I picked this one up, and think it was a very strong inaugural polish for Fantasmic Flakies. I was happy with the formula, color, amount of flakes, and use of the inspiration photo, so it meets all my key criteria for being a fantastic flakie. While this polish is no longer available, you can always join the group to see what beautiful future customs are created. I know they’re going to be great.

Thanks for reading,



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