Julep Zodiac: Virgo

The 8th polish of the Zodiac Collection is Virgo, for August 23rd – September 22nd. Virgo is a “deep cosmic blue starlit shimmer” which “sparkles like your earnest, chic style.”

In the online swatches, Virgo is a deeply saturated navy blue polish, with medium blue and silver shimmer. The shimmer has a scattered effect, so rather than looking semi metallic, this polish reminds me of stars in the night sky. This blue is rich, deep, and multidimensional. It will probably be my favorite Zodiac so far.

Virgo had a standard formula that was easy to apply. It provided very even, smooth coverage, and most importantly, had full opacity in just one coat. I almost applied a second coat just because it’s so uncommon to have one coat coverage, but decided not to as one coat really was enough. The dry time was average. The polish had a shiny, even finish, and I topped with glossy topcoat.

Virgo looks the same in person as it did online, so points to Julep for using accurate photos. The base is a deep, rich blue, very true to shade. It leans neither purple nor green. The shimmery particles are on the larger side for shimmer; I’d call them flecks. The flecks are a cerulean color, with maybe a hint of shimmer, which stands out agains the much darker base. Virgo is reminiscent of a starry night, creating a beautiful look on the nails. I tend to gravitate towards blues, and really enjoyed the effect here. I love this polish, and as predicted, it’s my favorite of the collection.

Color Comparisons

Julep has a fair amount of dark, navy blue polishes, but almost all of them have a crème finish. Because of this, I was certain that Virgo would be a unique, new addition to the catalog.

I did actually find two shimmers that were close to Virgo, which were Lacey and Marisa. However, due to the size of the flecks in Virgo, which are much larger than traditional shimmer particles, it has a very different look. The flecks actually make the polish appear a bit brighter than the traditional navy crèmes, so it really stands out. I’d definitely call this one unique.

I really wish the rest of the Zodiac polishes were like Virgo. I can’t get over the one-coat coverage, which always impresses me. I did a full mani without having a huge fill line or waiting endlessly for a three-coat polish to dry. More than that, I’m captivated by this deep blue color, which is unique and gorgeous. I’m pleased to add it to my collection and will definitely want to revisit it again. If every Julep was like this, I’d be in polish heaven. I hope the rest of the Zodiac Collection can meet the high standard Virgo has set.



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