Julep October 2016 Color Comparisons

As I made clear in my review post, I wasn’t very impressed with the October Collection. Julep has had some great collections this year, but unfortunately, the October shades just weren’t up to par. While I was quite happy with the curation of the collection, there was little to no creativity in finishes, and many shades appeared to be similar if not the same as existing colors. The formulas were generally disappointing as well. That being said, I always try (emphasis on try) to reserve final judgement on the uniqueness until I do color comparisons, which helps me make my decision. In case these look different than usual, it’s because I decided to use a grey background rather than a white one this month, and see how it would look.


Julep has a fair amount deep red crèmes, so it was very easy to pull existing shades for this comparison. I was disappointed to find that Jean is identical to Coco, and I do mean identical. There is no detectable difference between the two. They’re also quite close to Cassandra and Jess. Had Julep made this a shimmer, or really any other finish, it would have been different, but instead it’s just another Coco.


Ebony was one of two shades in this collection I knew would be unique, along with Desiree. The only other grey holo  in the catalog is Brandy, which has blue flecks and very little holo power. I compared Ebony to this and to other grey shimmers and metallics, but it clearly stands out. It’s great to see a real holo in a new shade; I’m pleased with this color.


Gladys is one of the few ghost shimmers where you can see the shimmer, and has a slightly metallic look. However, since most of the similar blues are crèmes, I largely used those in my comparison. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Gladys stands out from the other blues, and is not the same as any existing color. The crèmes are much more muted, while Lacey, a blue shimmer, is a bit brighter and darker.


It’s inherently harder to do comparisons with dark shades, because they’re harder to distinguish from each other. While Skylla has some brown tones, it really shows up more as a black polish, so I pulled the darkest browns as well as some black shades. Skylla is close to Cleopatra, a matte black, only differentiated by the finish. In addition, it’s barely darker than Fiore, another blackish brown. I don’t feel this added anything to the collection, as it’s essentially another Fiore, and you can’t see the shimmer it supposedly has.


Lolo is another ghost shimmer where there’s no shimmer to be seen. So it only made sense to compare it to other dark blue crèmes, as well as a few blue-leaning purple shades. I found it to be a perfect match to Lola in shade, and almost the same in name. Lola is a matte, but with a glossy topcoat, it would be Lolo (or Lolo with matte top coat would be Lola…confused yet?). Lolo is also just about identical to Kristy, a navy crème. I’m not sure if there is a hint of difference, or I just want to see one, but I’m confident they’re close enough to call the two dupes.


Krystle does have a hint of shimmer, but is more crème than anything else. While there aren’t tons of forest greens, I was able to easily find enough for a comparison. I was a bit surprised to see how close Krystle was to both Anya and Roc Solid, especially since Anya is a relatively new shade as well (October 2015). While the three are not identical, they’re quite close; Krystle is just a tone or two darker. I won’t call it a duplicate, but I won’t call it unique either.


Desiree was the only other shade this month that I was confident would be unique, largely because Julep has never made a holo topper before. That being said, there’s not a good comparison, so I just pulled out other multicolor toppers in the catalog. As anticipated, Desiree is completely new. I apologize that you can’t see much of the holo here. If you want to see more holo comparisons, check out my Holo Topper Showdown post.


Katya was a bit harder to place in color order; is it burgundy, is it reddish pink, is it deep purple? I opted to compare it to dark purples and berrys, rather than reds. Like Krystal, I wouldn’t say Katya is identical to any other color, but found it to be very similar to Veda. I really would have liked to see something do differentiate this shade, rather than another crème that’s just barely one degree darker than something that has already been made.

Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct, and this month’s collection is full of duplicate colors. While I would consider Ebony, Gladys, and Desiree to be completely unique, five repeats out of eight colors is just too many. The disappointing thing is that many of these shades could have been new polishes, even with a different finish. Instead of rehashing crèmes and shimmers, I’d like to see Julep take advantage of more innovative finishes, and produce colors that are truly new. Hopefully November’s collection will have more to offer.



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