Julep It’s Balm (Plush Pouts)


One of Julep’s most popular lip products is It’s Balm, a lip crayon currently available in 13 shades. This It’s Balm crayon is “a full-coverage lip crayon with a super-hydrating treatment core enriched with sunflower butter and vitamin E. Extra finely-milled pigments provide full coverage with a semi-gloss finish.” It’s Balm has the coverage and pigmentation of a lipstick, but the texture and application of a lip balm. It’s a great product for people who prefer balms but still want a lot of color payoff.

This product is one of a number of Julep beauty items that were renamed in the last year and a half, from Plush Pout to It’s Balm. I actually much prefer the name Plush Pout, which I think is catchy and fun. It’s Balm is more awkward to me, but I’ve gotten used to it by now. The only other change to note is the packaging- originally these were offered in shiny black packaging, then matte black, and now a gunmetal grey.


Plush Pouts premiered in September 2014 with four shades: Aurora Pink Crème, Cardinal Red Crème, Almond Nude Crème, and Magenta Plum Crème. Four more colors debuted in May 2015, when the product was renamed It’s Balm: Vintage Mauve Crème, Flamingo Pink Crème, Fuchsia Berry Crème, Electric Coral Crème. Although the blog post for this collection lists the rename, they were still it old Plush Pout packaging. The Holiday 2015 Collection included Merry Berry Shimmer, which is still available. And, in January 2016, four more shades were released: Apricot Nude Crème, Nectar Pink Crème, Dusty Orchid Shimmer, and Ripe Raspberry Shimmer. That brings us to 13 shades. On the site, each shade includes a more detailed color description (except Merry Berry Shimmer), which I’ve added below:

  • Apricot Nude Crème- Soft Petal Pink Crème
  • Almond Nude Crème- Warm Camel Crème
  • Vintage Mauve Crème- Muted Mauve Crème
  • Dusty Orchid Shimmer- Mauve Pink Shimmer
  • Nectar Pink Crème- Peach Coral Crème
  • Aurora Pink Crème- Guava Pink Crème
  • Flamingo Pink Crème- Electric Bubblegum Pink
  • Electric Coral Crème- Vivid Red Orange Crème
  • Ripe Raspberry Shimmer- Hot Pink Shimmer
  • Cardinal Red Crème- Fire Engine Red Crème
  • Fuchsia Berry Crème- Vivid Magenta Crème
  • Merry Berry Shimmer- Limited Edition Holiday 2015
  • Magenta Plum Crème- Rich Mulberry Crème


It’s Balm is a versatile lip product, providing lots of moisturizing power and color options. It applies smoothly, gliding on just like a balm. Because the moisturizing core is not pigmented, you do have to move the crayon around a bit to ensure full color coverage, but it’s quick to put on, and doesn’t require a lot of precise application. This product doesn’t set, so it can smear, but I haven’t found it to be a significant issue. It has a glossy finish, and moisturizes your lips the whole time you wear it. I find it is just as effective as a good lip balm. In terms of length of wear, I think it really depends on the user, and how fast your lips absorb product. I find I usually have two-four hours of wear before I need to reapply. The cap stays on well, and they’re a good size to fit in your purse or a clutch. My one criticism here is that you don’t get a full tube of product, as you can see in the photo below. Like Eyeshadow 101, the stick is much shorter than the overall tube, which you don’t know until you buy. Because of this, I won’t buy the It’s Balms unless I can get a really good deal.

It’s Balm comes in a wide range of shades, from light, neutral colors to bright, popping neons, to dark, vampy shades. There’s a lot of variety in the available colors, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more offered in the future. Right now they come in crème and shimmer, although there are many more crèmes available right now. The shimmer is subtle but definitely present in the three shimmer shades. Regardless of the shade, I’ve found each one to be well-pigmented, with a good amount of color payoff. They are somewhat buildable, but they’re not sheer, so you get a fair amount of color, even with a light application. The nude shades are an exception to this, as they offer a lighter, more natural look. No matter what mood you’re in or what look you want to create, I think there’s an It’s Balm that works for everyone.

Overall, I really like It’s Balm. While it isn’t an all-day product, it provides a lot of moisture, which is something you sacrifice in most long-wearing products. It has the color of a lipstick, but is smoother and, in my opinion, easier to apply. There are many color options, in crème and shimmer finishes. You do not get a significant amount of product, so I wouldn’t buy them at full price, but I still recommend the product. Your lips will thank you.



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