Ever After Wedding Customs


One of the exciting things I discovered upon entering the indie world was that many brands will make custom polishes to order. The idea with a custom polish is that a customer has an idea or an inspiration photo that they’d like to turn into a polish, and then works with the maker to turn that idea into a reality. Some brands have a listing on their site where you can purchase a custom, whereas others you just contact the maker and see if they currently have time to make any customs. The price, process, and turnaround-time varies from maker to maker, but I’ve only seen positive feedback for brands that offer this option.

Given my polish habit, making a custom polish has always been appealing, so I decided my wedding was the perfect time to have some made. Since Ever After is the first indie brand I really got into, it seemed only natural to ask their polish maker, Rachel, to make me some customs, and she kindly obliged. I decided I would have a trio of polishes made, and gift them to my sisters (aka the wedding party), my mom, my mother-in-law, and my polish pals. Did you need to know who got them? Probably not, but now you do. It was actually rather hard to come up with all of these, but eventually, after consulting my sisters and the Polish Pals, and asking Rachel about a million questions, I had the ideas for three polishes. I gave Rachel their descriptions and a pantone color reference, and let her work her magic. Rachel made them in full-size and mini, so I gifted everyone a different combination based on which polishes were for them. And of course, I kept a full-size and a mini set for myself.


The one hitch with blogging these is because the names are personal, if I tell you the names of the polish, I’ll sort of be sharing other people’s personal information. So, to protect the innocent, I’ve given them different names here. Let’s call them His and Hers, Sisters, and The Pink One.

hisandhersmacroHis and Hers really was designed by me and for me to celebrate getting married; this is the one polish I didn’t have trouble deciding on. I describe this one as a pale blue crelli with scattered holo and silver flecks. His and Hers had a really good application with even coverage and good distribution of the flecks. It would actually make an interesting topper with one coat, which is what my mom told me when she wore it (which I was excited to hear, as I didn’t think she’d wear blue). With just one coat, it has an icy, almost ethereal look. It dried in average time. I decided to apply three thin coats for full coverage. I topped with glossy topcoat, and wore this one all week.

I LOVE the color of this polish. While I’d normally opt for a darker, more saturated, shade, I wanted something really delicate, which Rachel captured with this shade. She matched the Pantone shade I sent her perfectly, and stayed true to my description. Indoors, His and Hers is icy blue and silvery, with shimmer from the silver flecks. The look is cold and wintery, but soft and subtle. In sunlight or certain direct artificial light, you can see the scattered holo. I love that the holo doesn’t overpower this polish, but rather complements the shade, and gives it extra sparkle and shine. To me this polish is dynamic, gorgeous, and perfectly balanced. I can’t wait to wear it again.

sistersmacroSisters is designed to represent me and my sisters. The real name is actually a combination of our names, which our dad used to frequently yell when he couldn’t remember which one of us he wanted. I don’t want to say their names since it’s my blog, but I can’t help but share the story behind the name, because I think I’m pretty funny. Sisters is a true, deep purple crelli with magenta, violet, cobalt, and aqua chrome flakies. Sisters leans a bit to the jelly side of crelli, but applies smoothly, without any streakiness. The flakies distribute very evenly. I recommend using two-three coats, depending on the look you want. I wanted to achieve a deep purple, so I applied three coats. The dry time was pretty standard.

I designed Sisters with my sisters in mind, so this polish was meant to represent all of us. I knew I would like it, but I was a little surprised and impressed by how much I like it. Rachel really hit it out of the park. The base is the perfect deep purple, leaning neither blue nor pink. Despite the dark shade of the base, the chrome flakies really stand out and shine, with flashes of magenta, violet, cobalt, aqua, teal, and even occasionally gold and copper. There’s a wonderful concentration of flakes, providing solid coverage without overwhelming the base. It’s flakie heaven. Sisters is bright, bold, fun, and fabulous, and I’m very pleased to be sharing it.

thepinkonemacroThe Pink One was meant to be a more neutral, nude polish that anyone would wear. My concern in making these was that my mom and mother-in-law might not be on board for a bold purple flakie or a baby blue holo, because they tend to wear classic shades on their fingernails (I later found out this concern was unfounded, as my mom is currently wearing His and Hers on her nails and Sisters on her toes). But, while I was planning, I wanted to make sure they had a shade that was a bit more traditional. I asked Rachel to have this one be a crème polish with gold flecks, gold shimmer, and hint of holo. The Pink One has a smooth formula the applies easily to the nails. I achieved full opacity in two coats. The dry time was just on the longer side of normal.

The Pink One has exactly the classic look I had hoped for. It’s a nude color with a little something extra; it’s interesting but not too flashy. It’s a true pale pink, not leaning too tan. The gold shimmer and flecks give it a warm and sophisticated look. The holo is very subtle, and thinly distributed, adding just a bit more sparkle without taking over this delicate shade. I really like that just about anyone could love this polish, and it’s appropriate for just about any use. The Pink One is an ideal classic with a little something extra.

I will definitely have Ever After make customs for me again. Rachel knows what she’s doing, and stays true to the ideas you give her. She also provided a lot of guidance and was very patient, despite me asking her a significant amount of questions. I absolutely love each of my customs, and they were a big hit with the recipients as well. I couldn’t be happier with my polishes, and I can’t wait to create more.




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