Fantasmic Flakies July 2016: Supernatural We Flakes Are a Bit Spacey

weflakesareabitspaceybottleThe July group custom for Fantasmic Flakies was created by Supernatural Lacquer. This is the second group custom polish to be created. The winning color in the group poll was white/nude. After the poll, members submitted and voted on inspiration photos; the chosen photo was a picture of the Milky Way Galaxy. Supernatural gave the group a sneak peak of the polish, and the group voted on what to name it. The winning choice was: We Flakes Are a Bit Spacey. We Flakes Are a Bit Spacey is described as “a slightly pinkish nude crelly base with blackened purple/taupe flakies, blue/purple flakies, pink pearl flakies and blue shimmer.


*Please note: The inspiration photo is not mine, and all rights belong to the copyright holder. Because I don’t know where people pull the photos from, I don’t know if they have the rights to it or not. I feel that it would be a disservice not to include it here, but I will remove it immediately upon request if I am violating any copyright by doing so.

We Flakes Are a Bit Spacey had a great formula, that went on smoothly with no streakiness. The flakes distribute very evenly on the nail. The base is definitely a crelly, so you will still have some translucence after one or two coats. I opted for three for complete coverage, but if you like a more jelly look, you could only apply one or two. I found the dry time to be pretty standard. It has a fairly shiny finish, so I topped with glossy top coat.

This color was a bit odd for me, honestly. The shade was closer to my skin tone than any other nude I’ve worn before, so it definitely had a very natural look despite the flakes. While it was a little strange at first, the base color grew on me during the week. The crelly base is a very pale, pink-leaning tan. It’s soft and delicate without being too feminine. The flakes are a dark, purply brown, and have a matte finish that really complements the crelly base without being flashy. The other flakies and shimmer are much more subtle, flashing magenta, aqua, and peach, accented by fine blue shimmer throughout the polish. While these almost neon shades are very interesting, I found them almost impossible to capture, and only really saw them when holding my bottle to the light. Despite this, I liked the color, and felt the noticible, blackened purple flakes really went well with the pinkish tan base.

I would imagine the inspiration photo was somewhat challenging to work with, given that it is dominantly black and blue, accented by pinish red, purple, and cream. Despite this challenge, I think Supernatural did an amazing job creating a nude shade, which follows the color the group picked and matches the photo. The dark, blackish purple flakes really match the background colors, while the base looks just like the center of the photo. While the other effects of the polish are very subtle, they do mimic many of the accent colors in the photo. In terms of staying true to inspiration, I think Supernatural hit it out of the park.

Overall, while this isn’t my favorite color, I think it’s a nice nude with a twist, and definitely fits the bill for a great flakie. I’m really impressed with Supernatural, and how well she was able to match the polish to the inspiration photo, while staying true to the nude/white color. I’ve seen a number of lovely flakies from Supernatural lately, so I’ll definitely be excited when she makes the group custom again. Stay flakey, my friends.



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