Julep November 2016: Light and Shadow


The Light and Shadow Collection Included:

  • 7 New Nail Colors
  • 7 New Eyeshadow 101 Shades

I was quite excited for this month’s collection, especially because I love the Eyeshadow 101s and have been looking forward to new colors since the last batch released. I will swatch all of the Eyeshadow 101s soon, but as there is at least one more color coming in December’s collection, I will wait until I have that one, too. In terms of polish, the Light and Shadow Collection features metallic and shimmery polishes in a variety of shades, both light and dark. They are all earthy colors, largely in warm tones. Earthy is the best way I can think to describe these shades, as they seem natural, and are not neon, bright, or aggressively bold, but still fairly saturated with color, and by no means dull. I generally enjoy metallic shades, so I was happy to see the colors in this collection, and excited to review them.

Before I get into the review, I will note that there was a small issue this month, as Julep forgot to include Mercedes in all of The Whole Shebang orders. However, they did respond to the issue quickly, and shipped them out to everyone who had ordered The Whole Shebang. While I’d really like to see better quality control from the warehouse, as we frequently see people experience order mistakes (and I’ve experienced several myself), I was happy with Julep’s quick response and email notifications about the mistake. So, on the review!

Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann (117) is a Classic with a Twist shade, described as blush sheer holographic. This shade is a pale, delicate pink, in a sheer finish. The dollop shows a subtle holographic effect, but overall the shimmer seems to lean more silver than holographic.

In terms of application, Carrie Ann had a standard formula that was easy to use, and applied evenly. Because it is a sheer, I thought it would be best to show how it looks with various numbers of coats, so there’s one coat on my ring finger, two on my middle finger, and three on my pointer finger. While one and two coats are quite sheer, the polish is opaque after three coats. The number of coats you apply would depend on the look you want. It had a slow dry time, and dried to a glossy finish. In terms of color, I found Carrie Ann to be much more tan in real life than I expected; I would describe it as an almond nude sheer. I didn’t feel it had a strong pink tone to it. The shimmer does not have the silvery look I expected, but the holo is very fine and subtle. It is present, but just barely…maybe Julep should call this a ghost holo. I’m really not a fan of tan sheers, and probably wouldn’t wear this polish, especially with the slow dry time.


Syd (118) is a port wine ghost shimmer, also in the Classic with a Twist profile. The polish appears to be a rich, burgundy red with earthy brown tones. The shimmer, which appears to be a warm gold, is only slightly noticeable in the swatch photo, but is more apparent in the dollop photo.

Syd’s formula was pretty standard, with no application problems. I’m quite pleased to say that this one had full coverage in just one coat. If you applied very thin coats, you might need two, but I didn’t have any issues. I love when a polish is a one coater. It had a normal dry time. Syd is a gorgeous burgundy red, rich and deep in color. It’s a dark wine shade, with tones of brown and purple that give it an earthy look. The gold shimmer, as with most of Julep’s ghost shimmers, is extremely subtle, but I actually like it here. It’s a bit more present in person than it photographs. It adds a touch of fun and sparkle to this sophisticated shade.


Mercedes (119) is an It Girl polish, listed as canyon rose metallic. Mercedes is a darker, reddish pink packed with silvery metallic flecks and shimmer. The metallic effect gives the polish a bright, shiny finish.


Mercedes had an average formula that applied smoothly. It took three thin coats to achieve full opacity, although you could probably do so with two medium coats; I just prefer thin ones. The dry time was standard, and it dried to a semi-glossy, metallic finish. Although Mercedes was not quite what I expected, I think this is a great color. The base is a bit more red and orange than rose, giving the polish a coppery look. It’s a very rich, saturated shade, perfect for fall. The cool-toned shimmer contrasts with the warm-toned base shade, creating a unique, interesting look. I don’t think this color is like any other Juleps, and I really enjoyed it.


Kami (120), a black coal metallic, is also in the It Girl profile. This polish has a strong, silver metallic shimmer and flecks, which really pop against the deep, black base. This dark, inky shade definitely fits the “Shadow” theme of this collection.

Kami’s formula was average, going on the nail evenly. It only took two coats to achieve complete coverage, with no streakiness. I found the dry time to be normal, and it dried to the same semi-glossy finish as Kami. This color is interesting because it has a dark, true black base, but is very reflective and bright from the silver metallic effect. Together, the two elements give the polish and almost gunmetal look. It’s a great dark fall shade, that is interesting on its own, and can coordinate with many other shades.


Tabitha (121) is a third It Girl shade for November, described as calypso teal metallic. This shade was the most exciting to me; it’s no secret I love blue polish. Tabitha is a dark teal, richly saturated and leaning more blue than green. Like the other metallic shades, it has plenty of silver flecks/shimmer, creating a bright, metallic look.

Tabitha did not disappoint. I had no issues with the formula or application. It was fully opaque in two coats, and dried in normal time. Like the other It Girl shades, Tabitha has a semi-glossy, metallic finish. I really enjoyed this dark turquoise shade, which has clear tones of green, but leans slightly more blue. Tabitha feels like a very festive and fall appropriate teal, probably because of the metallic effect. The silver really complements the blue, and gives this polish a dynamic, unique look. There’s definitely something about metallics that makes them perfect for fall, and this one is no exception.


Jody (122) is an asteroid iridescent polish, and the only Boho Glam color this month. This purple is a dark lavender, with tones of silver or taupe that give it a natural, almost muted (in a good way) look. Flecks that appear purple, peach, a silver give it an iridescent, reflective finish.

Jody’s formula was slightly on the thicker side, so I had to be a little more careful with my application. That being said, I didn’t think it was overly thick and didn’t have any issues working with it. It did take three coats to reach full coverage and remove any visible nail line. Despite the thickness, the dry time was slightly faster than average. In person, Jody was somewhat different from the online photos. It’s a brighter, more vibrant purple with slight shift to magenta and even orangey-gold. It doesn’t fit the earthy description I gave this collection. The polish shifts with magenta and blue shimmer, giving it really unique and dynamic look. While the photos were off, I really like the asteroid description, which suits this stellar polish.


Keila (123) is the Wonder Maven polish for November, described as a putty multidimensional holographic. The photos show this polish as a clear base packed with tan or peachy gold metallic flecks as well as multidimensional glitter. I don’t see any holographic effect, although it is still a gorgeous shade.

Keila had a standard formula that went on easily. The flecks/glitter distributed evenly across the nail. It took me three coats to achieve full coverage, although there were still a few gaps. I’d probably put one coat of a metallic gold underneath and top with two coats of Keila next time. The dry time was average. I love this color. It reminds me of an ILNP Ultra Metallic. It’s lovely, incredibly metallic, reflective, and shiny. The gold is very peachy and natural shade, accented by the multidimensional glitter. I was able to capture a hint of holographic in one of my swatches, but I’d call this polish a metallic glitter, not a holo. A beautiful metallic glitter.

Final Thoughts

I have to say, while I’ve been rather critical of Julep lately, I was pleased with this collection. I didn’t have any formula issues, and there was even a one-coater, which always makes me happy. I think most of these shades are rather unique, and won’t duplicate colors Julep has already made. Beyond that, a number of them are quite beautiful. The shades largely fit the Light and Shadow theme, although it is a pretty broad concept, encompassing a wide range of colors. This colletion of earthy tones is perfect for fall, and I can see myself using many of them. Consider me very satisfied this month.



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