ILNP Cherry Luxe and Juliette

cherryluxejuliettebottlesILNP is an amazing brand with a lot of gorgeous polishes, and I feel like it doesn’t get enough love on my blog. So, when I was deciding what my next mani should be, it was an easy decision. I chose to use Cherry Luxe and Juliette, two Ultra Metallic polishes. According to ILNP, Ultra Metallic polishes are a “class of incredibly vivid metallic finish nail polishes; specifically formulated with various ultra-thin metallic flakes for a blinding sparkle with an undeniably rich finish and super-easy removal!” Cherry Luxe is described as “a beautifully stunning, fun, and festively rich red nail polish that’s absolutely perfect for the holidays!…Not only is Cherry Luxe stuffed with an assortment of ultra thin metallic flakes for incredible shine, it’s also accented with just the right amount of holographic magic to put a smile on your face.” The site says, “Juliette is an absolutely gorgeous Ultra Metallics™ holographic with a beautiful rose gold finish. The assortment of super thin metallic flakes in this polish will add an intensely reflective quality to your manicure.

I also realized I haven’t done any nail art in a while, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something new and use nail vinyls for the first time. Nail vinyls are essentially stickers that you can use to create different designs on the nail, which come in both stencils and decals. A stencil is used to paint over and create a pattern, whereas decals are left on the nail as part of the design. Nail vinyls come in all shapes and styles, from geometric designs to holiday themes to iconic characters, and everything in between. For this mani, I decided to use a chevron design.

After applying a base coat, I applied two coats of Juliette to my nails. The polish has a standard formula that is easy to work with, and the flakes distribute very evenly on the nail. The base is really packed with flakes, so you get a good payoff even with one coat. The second gave me full coverage. The dry time was pretty standard. After my second coat dried, I applied a coat of quick dry topcoat; this step is important as the quick dry topcoat keeps the vinyl from sticking too much and pulling up the first color. Once the quick dry had dried, I applied my vinyls. In this case, they were strips of chevron design, which I laid across the nail, being sure to press down firmly (especially on the edges). Then I painted with one coat of Cherry Luxe, and used tweezers to remove the vinyls right away. They came away smoothly and easily, without issue. Like Juliette, Cherry Luxe had a good formula with very even flake distribution. I had full coverage with just one coat, which dried in normal time. Once Cherry Luxe had dried, I topped with my regular glossy topcoat.

It’s going to sound conceited to say this, but I’m fairly certain this is my best mani ever. The vinyls worked really well, and I didn’t have any problems using them. It took a little longer than a regular mani, but not significantly more time, and the design is interesting and fun. More importantly, Cherry Luxe and Juliette are absolutely gorgeous. I mean, wow. They are incredibly metallic, catching and reflecting the light, and creating a bright, shiny finish. The flakes are very concentrated for a lot of metallic payoff; it almost looks more like nail foils than nail polish. The Ultra Metallic term is quite accurate. There’s just enough holo to give them sparkle and a bit of rainbow effect without overwhelming the primary color of the polish or overpowering the metallic finish.

Cherry Luxe really is a perfect, true red. It’s bright, bold, and richly saturated, and is neither too dark nor too light. It reminds me of cherries (of course), fire engines, and best of all, Christmas. I love red polish, and this one just might be my favorite. I really enjoyed Juliette as well, which is a bright, peachy gold. Sometime I feel that rose golds lean too pink, but this one has perfect, subtle tones of pink, creating a warm, luxurious look. It’s ideal for any rose gold lover, perfectly imitating the real thing.

This is my favorite mani I’ve ever done. I’ll definitely be using more vinyls in the future, because I’m so pleased with how easy they were to use and how well they turned out. I’m also going to be getting more ILNP Ultra Metallics, because these shades are AMAZING. They look absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to try other shades. I can’t stop looking at my nails! I know this mani is a little Christmasy, but I’m ready to get into the holiday spirit, so maybe it’s exactly what I needed.


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