Fair Maiden Small Batch Prototypes

Before I start my post, I want to say that this will be my 100th blog post! It feels like a pretty big milestone to me. I know my blog still has a long way to go, but I feel like I’ve definitely improved upon those early posts, and look forward to continuing to improve as I move forward. The Facebook page for my blog, www.facebook.com/ajourneyincolor/, has also recently reached 100 likes. If you haven’t liked it yet, be sure to do so to stay up-to-date with my blog! You can follow me on instagram here as well. In celebration of both 100th events, I’m doing another giveaway, which will be posted to the blog Facebook page. The giveaway? Fair Maiden Small Batch Prototypes, of course.


Part of any creative process involves testing and experimenting; in the case of polish, it might be new pigments, formulas, or effects. So, it’s not surprising that not every polish a maker creates is offered for sale and produced in volume. Sometimes, makers will offer these small batch prototype polishes to their customers, often at a discount. In some sales you know what you’re getting, other times, you don’t. In the case of FM, these small batch prototypes have been offered twice, in very limited quantities. The Fair Maiden Facebook fan group (Fair Maidens: Fierce & Fabulous!) was given sneak peeks each time. The sales have definitely been contentious as quantities are limited, and some people are frustrated when they don’t get them. From my perspective, yes, it’s frustrating if I miss out, but FM is in no way obligated to offer these. As a customer, I’m not entitled to something until I’ve paid for it. If something is limited, I might not get it, and that’s that.

All of the SBPs are named as Little Miss or Mr. The first restock included four polishes: Little Miss Whoops, Little Miss Fickle, Little Miss Stubborn, and Little Miss Trouble. At the time, I was able to get three of them, but not Little Miss Fickle. The second round included six polishes: Mr. Grumble, Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Curious, Little Miss Star, Little Miss Quick, and Mr. Mischief. I was able to get all six of them. Little Miss Fickle was later given to me by B; a mini of the shade was included in each VIP bag at Polish Con this fall, and since she already had one, she was generous enough to give me her mini. All of the polishes from the restocks came in full size, but I decanted all of mine into mini bottles, because I love minis, and so I could share some with C, so she could have them all as well. I think that just about covers everything you need to know, so let’s take a look at the polishes themselves.

Mr. Grumble

Mr. Grumble had a standard formula that went on smoothly. I applied three thin coats to achieve full opacity. I noted that this polish had a slow dry time.

Mr. Grumble is a rich, burgundy red with tones of brown and purple. This luxurious, wine shade is packed with holo and golden shimmer, giving it a sparkly, vibrant look. It has a shiny, glossy finish.To me, there’s nothing to grumble about with this one!

Little Miss Splendid

Little Miss Splendid had a normal formula that applied well. I almost had full coverage after two coats, but opted to apply a third just to be safe. This polish dried quickly.

This shade is a bright, lime green that leans just a hint yellow, with green and gold microglitter. It actually reminds me of the yellow-green crayola crayon. It has an almost metallic finish, as the microglitter catches and reflects the light. It really is quite splendid.

Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Curious’s formula was slightly thicker than average, but I didn’t have any issues with application. Just like Miss Splendid, I almost had full opacity after the second coat, but applied a third just to be sure. This shade had a slightly slower than normal dry time.

Little Miss Curious is a deep, turquoise blue packed with holo and blue and purple flecks or microglitter. There’s so much going on in this polish, it’s almost hard to tell. I didn’t capture the holo very well in the photos (sorry!), but it’s definitely there. The phrase peacock blue comes to mind. If you’re not curious to try this shade, you should be!

Little Miss Whoops

Little Miss Whoops had a good formula that was easy to use and went on evenly. I applied two coats to achieve full color coverage and eliminate any visible nail line. The dry time was standard.

Little Miss Whoops is probably my favorite SBP, no surprise there. It’s a perfect indigo blue with a lot of holo shimmer and indigo flecks that catch and reflect the light. It reminds me of the night sky, shifting blue and purple with lots of sparkle and shine. The only whoops here would be not wearing this polish!

Little Miss Star

Little Miss Star’s formula was slightly on the thinner side, so the first coat was a bit patchy. This resolved after the second coat, and I applied a third to reach full opacity. Little Miss Star dried slightly faster than average.

Little Miss Star is a delightful medium purple polish with lots of holographic power. It’s a lovely wisteria or iris shade, that really sparkles from the holo shimmer. The finish is very shiny, creating a simple but gorgeous look on the nails. This polish gets five stars in my book.

Little Miss Fickle

Little Miss Fickle is the only thermal SBP, and like many other thermals, I found the formula to be slightly on the thicker side. Despite this, I didn’t have any problems with application. I used three coats to reach full coverage, which dried quickly.

Little Miss Fickle is a thermal polish, which is a bright, hot pink in the warm shade and a dark, reddish purple in the cold state. It has magenta-gold flecks and indigo shimmer that you can see in both states. My fingers were so cold that I had to use warm and cold water to capture the warm state, but I love the transitional shade too. It’s a vibrant magenta as it moves from hot pink to the deeper purple shade. While the color may be a bit fickle, it’s a lot of fun.

Little Miss Quick

Little Miss Quick had a normal formula, with very even distribution of the flakes. I used three coats to remove any visible nail line. The dry time was slightly faster than average.

Little Miss Quick is pretty high up on my list of SBPs, because I just can’t get enough of flakie polish. This pinkish purple shade is packed with peachy gold flakies and magenta microglitter. The flakies give it a truly unique look, with extra sparkle and shine from the microglitter. It’s a great polish, and you’ll want to be quick to get it on your nails!

Mr. Mischief

Mr. Mischief’s formula was very standard, and applied without any issues. Like many of the SBPs, I found three coats was best to achieve full opacity on the nail. Mr. Mischief had a normal dry time.

Mr. Mischief is a floral pink polish with light tones of purple, packed with strong linear holo shimmer. This holo is probably stronger than any of the rest of the shades, and really stands out. In artificial light, it’s a more silvery rainbow shimmer, but the holo is definitely still there. This color is fun and flirty, perfect for when you’re feeling a little mischievous.

Little Miss Stubborn

Little Miss Stubborn had an average formula, with good application and no problems. It took three coats to reach full opacity on the nail. Little Miss Stubborn dried quickly.

Little Miss Stubborn is a deep rose red with lots of scattered holo. The base is a rich, deeply saturated color that’s perfect for fall. The holo shimmer really adds significant rainbow shine to this color, perfect for anyone who loves a great scattered holo. You’ll be stubbornly keeping this one on your nails as long as possible.

Little Miss Trouble

Little Miss Trouble’s formula was pretty standard, perhaps a bit on the thinner side. It applied evenly but with a fair amount of translucence. I considered applying a fourth coat, but decided I did have full coverage after three coats. The dry time was faster than average.

Little Miss Trouble is a perfect, pinkish peach with holo shimmer and shine. I suppose you might also call it a muted coral shade. It’s sophisticated without being boring. It’s not quite pale enough to be nude, but definitely a more subtle look than other shades. It’s a delightful peach, really accented by the holographic shimmer. You won’t be troubled when wearing this shade.

Final Thoughts and Giveaway

While the names of these polishes are delightfully themed with Little Miss and Mr., since they are prototypes, there’s not a unifying color theme for me to assess. That being said, I really enjoy these bright, lovely colors, and am glad to have them in my collection. Even though they didn’t make it to mass production, together they make their own little limited edition collection. If more SBPs are offered in the future, I’ll definitely be looking to get them. I’m thinking a red, orange, yellow, and a darker green would be perfect, especially a yellow…just sayin’.


So, what’s the giveaway? As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I decanted nine of the SBPs from full-sized bottles (the 10th I received as a mini). A few of these bottles were shared with friends, but I’m left with five half-full SPB bottles that I don’t need: Mr. Grumble, Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Curious, Little Miss Quick, and Little Miss Stubborn. So to celebrate this, my 100th blog post, I’m going to give them away to five different winners.  I know it’s a bit odd to give away half-bottles, but given the demand for the SBPs, I thought it would be nice to share them with people who missed out on getting them. The giveaway and all the details will be posted to the blog facebook page shortly after this post goes live. Good luck!



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