Thanksgiving Stamping


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or if you don’t celebrate, a great weekend! Now that the festivities are coming to an end, I wanted to share my Thanksgiving mani with you. Tragically, as I was preparing for the holiday, I broke one of my “good” nails, so you’ll see the my middle fingernail is pretty short right now. I filed the rest of my nails down a bit so they wouldn’t be absurdly different lengths, but decided not to trim them all the way down. I actually don’t mind when my nails are short, but it is easier to stamp them when there’s a bit more surface area. My cuticles also really took a beating this week, but I’ve left them untouched. I like to consider my blog to be pretty honest, so you see what I see. With some cuticle oil and or crelly, I’m sure they’ll be back in shape in no time.

ANYWAY, Since I don’t have a lot of fall stamping plates, I decided to do a similar mani to the one I did for Thanksgiving last year, but hopefully improve on it. For this mani, I used two Bundle Monster plates, BM-S206, a fall foliage plate, and BM-S207, which features lots of autumn-themed words and phrases.


I stared with Julep Rooney, a walnut bark crème, as my base color. While Rooney had a good formula and fairly even application, I was unimpressed by the opacity. I had to apply three coats to achieve full coverage. For a dark crème, I feel that no more than two coats should be needed. The dry time was pretty standard. In terms of color, I liked this true, deep brown, which provided me with a great background for brighter colors. While it has a hint of grey tones, it mostly comes off as a rich, warm, chocolate brown. Once the last coat was dry, I started stamping. Some people recommend putting on a layer of topcoat before stamping, so you can remove the stamping without doing the whole nail again if you mess up (and I often do this). But since Rooney already took three coats, and I didn’t want too many coats of polish on my nails, I decided to skip this step.

For my leaves, I used Fair Maiden Daredevil, a bold neon red creme, Fair Maiden Ooh La La, a perfect neon orange, and Julep Catrina, a marigold yellow crème. The two FM shades are from the Rainbow Brights Creme Collection, which is known for having excellent color coverage and being perfect for stamping. Julep’s Catrina is also a very opaque creme, which has successfully stamped for me in the past. Using the middle, leafy part of the plate, I stamped with Daredevil, then Ooh La La, and then Catrina on each nail. I then used a small stamper to add an extra red leaf with Daredevil, since the initial layer of red was fairly covered by Ooh La La and Catrina. This gave me leafy nails with a really neat, layered look. I used the word cloud plate to create my accent nail, using Ooh La La to stamp pumpkin on my index finger. I don’t have any plates that actually say Thanksgiving right now, but I thought pumpkin pretty appropriate. I then topped the whole thing with glossy top coat, after giving it plenty of time to dry.


I know, not even one photo with a turkey or something? Sorry, I was too busy stuffing my face to remember! Maybe next year. I’m quite pleased with how my mani turned out. All three shades stamped really well, and were bright enough to show up against the dark base. I feel like my mani really had the fall foliage look I was trying to create, with bright, fun color. It was perfect for Thanksgiving and a lot of fun to do. I was really happy with how well the Bundle Monster plates stamped. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced brand to try stamping, I definitely recommend them. And before I forget, please head over to the A Journey in Color Facebook page by Monday night to enter my Fair Maiden SBP Giveaway!

Thanks for reading,



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