Julep November 2016 Color Comparisons

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the November Collection. Many of the shades were lovely, and I didn’t have any issues with formula or application. The metallic finish was especially exciting, as most of Julep’s metal-toned shades this year have been more chrome leaning. While I always make an assessment on the collection in my initial review, I also try to reserve my final judgement until I see the color comparisons. This month, I was pretty confident that the shades would prove to be unique and interesting additions to the Julep catalog.

Carrie Ann

I was impressed with how difficult it was to find comparisons for Carrie Ann. It’s definitely a lot browner than other pinks or peaches, but not as brown as some of the more pale tans. The holo shimmer definitely greys it out, making it more brown/nude than Abby, a honey almond sheer crème I thought would be similar. While I don’t personally like this shade, it’s definitely unique.


Syd is probably the least unique of this collection; I was able to easily pull other burgundy reds for comparison. Its base shade is quite similar to that of Cassandra, Jess, and Coco. However, it is differentiated by the subtle shimmer, which does make it stand out from the crèmes to a degree. I wouldn’t call this an innovative shade, but it doesn’t duplicate anything in the existing collection.


Mercedes is a burnt, red-orange shade, so I mostly focused on dark metallic oranges and metallic reds for my comparison. I thought it might be similar to Minka, a matte suede, without the matte finish, but Minka leans more orange and has less silver metallic shimmer. Mercedes really isn’t like any other shades, and is definitely a new shade for Julep.


Julep has a fair amount of gunmetal and black polishes, so it wasn’t difficult to pull some for comparison to Kami. I actually included eight polishes here because I couldn’t decide which to leave out. While Kami somewhat resembles other black shades with silver or holo glitter, like Estelle, Sigourney, and Sadie, it leans much more silver, as it is really packed with metallic shimmer. Jenica is somewhat similar, but has a lighter grey base, opposed to Kami’s true black base, differentiating the two, and making this shade truly individual.


Tabitha was probably my favorite of the collection, because I love a good turquoise or teal blue, and I was fairly confident it would be unique, as Julep has very few blue metallics. The silver shimmer really makes the blue base stand out, and I didn’t really find any shades that were close in color. Kristen was the most similar, but is a much darker teal, and seems to have less silver shimmer. They look a bit closer in the comparison of the back, but both are still clearly distinct shades to me.


Jody was a challenge for finding comparison shades. Although there are many purple shimmers, for every color I tried, it either seemed to have more red or more purple tones than the comparison color. The blue and purple shimmer especially makes it stand out, and as you can see, Jody isn’t like any other color.


Keila was also a big favorite for me in this collection. I don’t think Julep has made any other metallic flaked glitters like this in any color. Of course, there were plenty of gold and peachy golds for comparison, but each is fairly different in style. Keila is definitely lighter, brighter, and shinier than the other golds, and has shard-like metallic flakes, rather than the traditional circular glitter. Unique definitely describes this metallic beauty.

In terms of individuality, November’s Collection did not disappoint. I would not consider any of these colors to be duplicates, or even near-dupes. It’s always nice to see something new in the mix. As some people have rightly pointed out, with a lot of retired shades, Julep is bound to make duplicates, and newer mavens might not mind this. My criticism lately is that they’ve been duplicating a lot of colors that are still available; if they’re going to dupe, it should be retired colors that new mavens can’t get. The other part of my criticism is that Julep has some great, underutilized finishes that are only available in a handful of shades right now. Neither is the case this month, which makes me quite happy. I think they did a great job building this collection.



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