Julep Libra

The 9th polish of the Zodiac Collection is Libra, for September 23rd – October 22nd. Libra is a “flirtatious nude metallic…made to match your charming character”.

The Julep website shows Libra as a very pale lavender/pink; it’s a very delicate shade. The polish appears to be reflective and true to the metallic finish, catching the light in all of the photos. Libra has plenty of shine and leans silver in shimmer.

Libra had a standard formula that was easy to work with and applied evenly across the nail. It was close to opaque after the second coat, but I opted to apply a third to be sure. Like so many other Zodiac shades, unfortunately, I found that Libra had a very long dry time. I had to wait a long time in between coats, and found that it still wasn’t dry underneath when I tried to apply my top coat (resulting in me having to redo my nail). I was also unimpressed by the fill line created after painting only one hand. Overall, despite being easy to use, Libra’s formula really leaves something wanting.

Libra had a lovely color, balancing the brightness of a metallic finish with the soft tones of pale pink and lavender. I found that in person the polish leans more pink than lavender, and shifts between the two in different lighting (not as a duochrome, but rather looks more pink in some lighting and more purple in others). I would call it a cool-toned pink. The metallic finish really catches the light, creating a very bright, reflective look that really stands out. While I like Libra’s color, the description of nude metallic is somewhat inaccurate, in my opinion. Generally, I think nudes have to be light browns, greys, and sometimes baby pinks, often in sheer or crème finishes. A pink-lavender metallic is a lot more eye-catching and stands out on the nail, so while it’s certainly not a neon, I probably wouldn’t call it a nude either. That being said, the description certainly doesn’t take away from this lovely shade.

Color Comparisons

Julep has quite a few pale pinks and purples, so it wasn’t hard to pull shades for comparison. While I didn’t find any other metallics that were close in color, many of the créme polishes were similar.

I found that Libra is somewhat similar to the crémes in color, all pale shades with tones of pink and lavender. It’s also close to Yumi, which has pale pink, lavender, and holographic reflective glitter. However, Libra really is differentiated by the metallic finish, which no other cool-toned pinks have. The silver shimmer of the metallic really shines and reflects the light, making this shade seem brighter than the other polishes, even Yumi. I’d definitely have to call Libra unique.

Overall, I found Libra to be a disappointment. Although I really enjoyed the bright, delicate color this polish has to offer, and found it to be unique, the formula left too much to be desired to win me over. It takes far too long to dry and needs three coats, so you’re in for a long wait with this one. Unfortunately, Libra is another miss in this collection.



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