Ever After Base Coat and Top Coat


Given the rapid growth of their product line in 2016, it was no surprise to see that with their January launch, Ever After introduced three more products: a base coat, top coat, and a peel-off liquid latex. I’ve ordered the liquid latex and will be reviewing it in a later post. I’m thinking that it’ll be the perfect companion to my first watermarbling attempt, which is hopefully coming this month. Today’s post will focus on the base coat and top coat, which Ever After was kind enough to send to me to test and review.

Base Coat

Ever After’s Base Coat is a sticky base coat, that “helps hold polish onto nails for a longer lasting mani.” It’s also a moisturizing base coat, helping to reduce flakiness and peeling. The full size bottle is only $6, and can be purchased here.

The base coat is easy to apply with a pretty standard formula, and dries fairly quickly. The base coat has a semi-glossy finish with just a hint of texture- this is the sticky aspect of it. It’s barely noticeable, but provides a good surface for polish to adhere to. It is semi translucent and green-tinted in the bottle, as you can see, but you don’t see the tint on the nail.

I’ve been using the base coat for about a month now, and it’s definitely made a difference in my nails. I didn’t polish them for most of December (eek!), and they really suffered. However, once I started using the base coat (about midway through the month), I started to notice a lot less breakage, peeling, and flaking. I’ve continued to use the base coat this month, under my recent Libra mani, as well as several other brands I’ve been testing on my right hand. It has worked well with every brand I’ve tried so far. I’ve been able to get a week out of my manis using it, despite having shorter nails (which generally leads chipped nails in three days or less for me). I would definitely recommend the base coat, which will now be a staple product for me.

Top Coat

Ever After’s Top Coat is listed as a “moisurizing and vitamin enriched top coat” which “pairs perfectly with our polishes”. It’s a glossy finish, quick dry top coat, which can be purchased here, also for $6.

The top coat applies smoothly and evenly to the nail, without smearing your main color. It has a glossy finish that adds a smooth finish and shine to your manicure. This topper has just a slight purple tint in the bottle. It doesn’t show up on the nail or impact the color of your mani in any way. This top coat dries very quickly, providing the perfect finish to any mani.

My nails are a bit stained from swatching, but I wanted to show the glossiness of the top coat. My top nail is totally unpainted for comparison. I’ve tested the top coat on several manis now, including, as you probably guessed, Libra. It’s worked well with every brand I’ve tried so far, adding the perfect finishing touch. It’s glossy but not too glossy, striking a perfect balance and not distracting from your mani. I haven’t experienced any drag/smearing/other issues while using it, testing on a variety of polish finishes. As I mentioned above, I got a week out of multiple manicures using the base coat and top coat combination, which I have to attribute to both base and topper. The top coat is definitely long lasting, and a worthy addition to any polish arsenal.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m really happy with both of these products, and am excited to be adding them to my stock. I’ll continue to test the top coat on my upcoming manis, but am quite pleased with the wear I’ve been able to achieve using both it and the base coat. The base coat is definitely going to be a go-to nail treatment for me as well, for days when I have to go nail nude. At only $6 each, they’re a great value for a very effective duo. I’m very grateful that Ever After was kind enough to send me these to review, and will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Try them out for yourself. You won’t regret it.



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