Always Be Colorful- A Celebration of A Journey in Color’s First Anniversary

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, it’s January 2017, which means I’ve reached the One Year Anniversary of A Journey in Color! And what an adventure it has been! After pondering the idea for several months in 2015, I pulled the trigger and set up a wordpress in early January 2016. Having collected all the Julep polishes, it seemed like a natural next step to start blogging and sharing them. I published my first post on January 7th and officially “launched” on January 10th by promoting on Facebook. My blog started off strongly Julep focused, reviewing collections and sharing old and new shades.

Since then, I’ve branched out into indies and other brands, grown out and broken my nails several times, learned to stop flooding my cuticles, and developed a better nail care routine. I’ve worked to improve my photos with better lighting, purchased a macro lens, and tried (emphasis on tried) to be more consistent with instagram. It’s been challenging, at times frustrating, rewarding, and a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what year two has in store. You can read about my goals for 2017 here.

Always Be Colorful

abcbottleIn order to celebrate my blogging birthday, I wanted to do something special, and decided to have a custom polish made. Really, what could be more appropriate? And I already had a name in mind. Always Be Colorful. I’d been toying with this catchphrase or motto or whatever a lot the last few months, so it only seemed natural to turn it into a polish. It’s a simple statement but really describes my outlook on polish, and in life. Be different, be you, live life. Always Be Colorful. It really resonates with me for some reason. On a more superficial note, it abbreviates to ABC, which is convenient, and represents the first initials of my polish pals (and myself). Anyway, with this name in mind, I decided to reach out to Joy of Joy Lacquer to work with me on this custom, and she kindly agreed.

When I reached out to Joy about my custom, I told her I didn’t have a clear inspiration photo or idea, but I knew two things. First, that it needed to be colorful (and be named Always Be Colorful), and second, that I wanted it to be offensively flakie. Joy took the offensively flakie description to heart. She jumped right on board, started making helpful suggestions, and laid out my options. She provided me with some initial prototypes, suggested ideas for tweaks, and then came up with a new test best. Joy answered all of my questions (and there were many), and helped guide me to the final polish. Once it was ready, she packaged up my bottles and got them to me right away. They arrived perfectly; even the label itself was colorful. The whole process was fun, informative, and easy. I would definitely do it again, and can’t thank Joy enough for agreeing to work with me. I had a blast, and am quite pleased with the final product.

Always Be Colorful is an offensively flakie polish stuffed with a rainbow of chrome flakies, opalescent iridescent flakies, and just a dash of sparkly white flakie in a clear base. It is slightly thicker than the average polish because it is packed with flakies, but the base itself has a very standard consistency. It applies very smoothly and easily, with a very even and concentrated distribution of flakes. One coat is really enough for full effect on the nail (with or without an undie), two allows just a hint of your base color to show, and three would be full, opaque coverage. It has a standard dry time, and has a mostly smooth finish once dried.

On my left hand, I used a white to black gradient to show how the polish looks on various tones. On my pinky I used Julep Brigitte, followed by Kenna on my ring finger, Erin on my middle finger, Daria on my pointer finger, and Johnny on my thumb. On my right hand, I used Joy’s Dictionary Cremes. On thumb is Lapyear, on my pointer is the Meantime, on my middle finger is Anchorage, on my ring finger is Sonder, and on my pinky is Key-Frame. Always Be Colorful looks fantastic over all of the Dictionary Cremes, and I highly recommend you try it out on top of them.

I topped with Joy’s 3…2…Oh! Quick Dry top coat. The top coat dries very fast to a glossy, shiny finish, and smoothed away any suggestion of texture in the polish.

The next day, I added Joy’s Flat Matte-rs Matte Top Coat, which also dried quickly and added an interesting matte finish, really making the flakies pop.

I absolutely love this polish, and feel it perfectly represents the Always Be Colorful name. I think Joy was able to exactly capture the look I wanted, even if I didn’t explain it very clearly. It’s bright, fun, colorful, and creative. The flakies really catch and reflect the light, which really makes the colors pop and shine (although does make it a bit more challenging to photograph). It works on top of a wide variety of shades and as a stand-alone polish. I couldn’t be happier with it, and think it’s the perfect way to celebrate finishing Year One of A Journey in Color.


To top it all off, Joy is going to offer Always Be Colorful in the January Custom Pop-Up Shop, so anyone who would like a bottle will be able to pick one up. AND, best of all, if you use the code OFFENSIVELYFLAKIE, you can get the 3…2…Oh! Quick Dry Top Coat or the Flat Matte-rs Matte Top Coat for half off. My recommendation is to also pick up a few of the Dictionary Cremes, which really complement Always Be Colorful. The Custom Shop is a pre-order and will run from January 14th to January 21st. I’ll link to Always Be Colorful here when the shop goes live, and share the link on my facebook. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Anniversary Giveaway


I’m also going to be giving away two bottles of Always Be Colorful to celebrate my anniversary. The giveaway will run for a week and end Thursday, January 19th at 8pm. Winners will be contacted that night, to ensure anyone who doesn’t win still has time to place a pre-order if they would like. Details will be posted and pinned to the A Journey in Color facebook page shortly after this post goes up. Please enter and celebrate my blogiversary with me!

Thank You

As a last note, I want to thank some people for all of the amazing support they’ve provided me in the last year. Thank you to B and C for always listening to my ideas, giving me ideas, proofreading my posts, and letting me talk on and on about my blog. Thank you to my husband for listening to all of my polish adventures and always encouraging me to continue with the blog, even when it leads to late nights finishing up a post. Thank you to my mom and sisters for always supporting my endeavors and liking my posts. Thank you to Brother for letting me paint your nails and encouraging my hobby; I promise there will be more MANicures in 2017. Thank you to the wonderful ladies of Ever After for being the first brand to send me products to review and taking a chance on my newbie blog (as well as constant support and putting up with lots of questions). Thank you to Joy of Joy Lacquer for such a wonderful experience creating this custom (also putting up with a lot of questions); I can’t wait to work with you again. Last, but not least, thank you to all of you who come here to read my blog, comment and interact, and like and follow me across WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram. I am always excited to see your feedback and can’t wait to share more with you this coming year.

Stay Colorful,



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