Julep December 2016: This Way to the Soirée


The This Way to the Soirée Collection Included:

  • 7 New Nail Colors
  • 1 New Eyeshadow 101 Shade
  • 6 It’s Whipped Shades (2 new)

December’s collection certainly seemed to follow the party theme, with bright, sparkly polishes and new makeup shades to dress up your look. While all six of the It’s Whipped shades have never been in a collection before, four of them were initially debuted this summer at Ulta, and later offered from Julep. Two of the shades, Dare and Swoon, were completely new. For more about the Eyeshadow 101 in Onyx, check out my review and swatches of all of Julep’s E101s, which you can read here. I was pretty excited for the December Collection, as it offered some interesting shades in fun colors that really fit the This Way to the Soirée inspiration. The later months of 2016 featured somewhat vague themes for the collections, but I felt like there was a clear sense of theme and curation for this collection.

Unfortunately, when my box arrived, it only contained 2 of my add-ons. No box, not all my add-ons, just two of them. They missed sending my box in its entirety. I called Julep, and they were able to send me most of what was missing, but Bree and the holographic stickers were out of stock. This also resulted in my box coming very late in the month. Bree is included in this review only because someone was generous enough to give me their bottle; it is still out of stock on the site. I share this because:
1. I want to flag the constant shipping issues. This is my third incorrect order in two months, and it’s gotten really old. I will be taking a step back from Julep, which I will further explain in a later post this month. While I will still get occasional boxes, I will no longer be collecting them all.
2. More importantly, I want to again say thank you for sending me the bottle of Bree. It was so sweet and kind and the person who sent it didn’t have to do that. Thank you so much!


Bree (128) is a Boho Glam shade described as golden gardenia multidimensional glitter. The dollop photo shows a lot going on in this bright, metallic shade. Bree features various shades of gold glitter and shimmer in an almost milky white base.

Bree’s formula was slightly on the thick side, but I didn’t have any issues with application. The glitter distributed evenly across the nail, and the polish dried slightly faster than average. Bree has good coverage, and I reached full opacity in two coats. I was pleased with the color, which blends white gold and yellow gold glitters to create a warm, bright look. Bree is metallic and glittery, perfect for any winter party. It reminds me of New Vivien, but has smaller glitter. I’ll be curious to compare the two in my color comparisons.


Lula (129), in the Classic with a Twist profile, is a pomegranate multidimensional glitter. In the online swatches, Lula appears to be more of a shimmer than a glitter, with a pinkish metallic shimmer in a deep berry base. It’s a vibrant and bold shade with tones of red and berry pink.

Lula has a standard formula that applies easily, but is a hint streaky. The streakiness resolves after the second coat, but I opted to apply three to make sure I had full opacity. The dry time on this polish is a bit slower than average, but still reasonable. In person, Lula is a vibrant, Christmas red with slight pink tones. I found Lula to be more of a metallic or a shimmer than a glitter. It has pink shimmer and small pink metallic flecks, which complement the base shade. It might not be a glitter, but it’s a lovely shade that provides bright color with shimmer and shine.


Jolie (130) is listed as an electric orchid multimensional glitter, in the Bombshell profile. Jolie has indigo/violet shimmer along with pink and magenta microglitters in a vibrant pinkish purple base. The color could be described as a purple-leaning berry.

Jolie had a normal formula that applied without any issues. I had almost full coverage with two coats, but like Lula, decided to apply a third to be sure. The dry time was standard. Jolie is a very bright, pink-leaning purple. It’s more purple than magenta, but does have strong undertones of pink. This jewel-toned polish reflects shades all along the purple-pink spectrum, with darker purple shimmer and pinker microglitters that add a lot of sparkle and shimmer. The elements work together well to create a bold and vibrant party shade.


Kristjana (131), an It Girl polish, is a sweet plum holographic. Like several of the “holographic” shades released this summer, Kristjana doesn’t appear to actually be holographic, but rather has medium, silver flecks. The base is a rich, red and brown toned purple, and appears to reflect a bluer purple around the silver flecks.

Kristjana had a good formula that was easy to use. I was happy with the application and coverage each coat provided. I had full opacity with two coats. The dry time was normal. As expected, I didn’t really notice more than a slight holographic effect in Kristjana, but did see plenty of shimmery, silver flecks. The cool silver contrasts against the warmer plum base of the polish, for a very interesting, unique shade. This reddish purple polish is the darkest in this collection, party ready for a bold, shimmery look.


Ginny (132), the second Bombshell shade in this collection, is described as sapphire sunset holographic. Like Kristjana, Ginny does not appear holographic on the Julep site. Instead, the polish is a deep indigo blue with golden plum shimmer and medium silver flecks.

My first impression of Ginny, like so many other blue polishes, was that it smells much stronger (and worse) than most other shades. This is pretty common for blues across many brands, so I don’t blame Julep for this. Despite the smell, Ginny had a normal formula that applied without issue. I had complete coverage in two coats, which dried within normal time. I was pleased to find that in person, Ginny is slightly holographic, along with the expected silver flecks. The base is a deep, saturated blurple, leaning slightly more blue than purple. It’s a lovely, dark shade, that goes well with the rest of the jewel tones in this collection.


Roselyn (133) is a snowstorm shimmer polish. Roselyn is December’s Wonder Maven shade. It’s a true white with silver and white shimmer. The shimmer makes the polish lean just a tad grey, but also gives it a bright, snowy look.

Roselyn was slightly on the thicker side, but had an easy application. I had complete coverage in two coats, with an average dry time between each coat. It is a relatively plain white polish, so I was surprised to find myself really liking Roselyn. The snowstorm shimmer description fits the polish very well, as the silver and white shimmer create the same sparkle and shine that fresh fallen snow has in the sun. It’s a shade that looks good by itself, but also would complement a wide range of colors, including the rest of the polishes in this month’s collection.


Iris (134), another It Girl shade, is an ice blue duochrome. In the online swatches, Iris appears to be a vibrant, aqua blue packed with silver shimmer. The duochrome effect is very subtle, but there is a hint of magenta shift around the edges.

Iris had an average formula, perhaps slightly on the thicker side. It was a little gummy to apply, but I didn’t have any significant problems. The dry time was standard, and I needed three coats to reach full opacity. Despite the mild irony of Iris not being a purple or indigo polish, I’m always a fan of shades in the blue family, and this aqua is no exception. I didn’t notice much a duochrome effect, although there is a suggestion of a deeper indigo shimmer or shift. This shade really stands out, offering a bright pop of color perfect for a bold mani.

Final Thoughts

Setting aside the shipping issues, I was pleased with December’s Collection. While I think some of the polishes will be similar to ones in the existing collection, I don’t anticipate finding any exact duplicates. I thought the polishes all had good formulas and didn’t have any issues with application. While a few could have had better dry times, I think it was a solid collection overall. I also wish Julep would stop describing non-holographic polishes as holographic, but enjoyed the two shades despite the inaccurate description. The polishes all seem to fall into the This Way to the Soirée theme, complementing each other and offering some eye-catching, glam shades. I’m quite satisfied with these shades and happy to see Julep finish out the year with a strong collection.



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