Ever After November 2016 Box: Classically Twisted


The November 2016 Ever After Box was themed as Classically Twisted, providing a spin on the traditional french manicure. This month included everything you need for a complete manicure; this box was stuffed with goodies. The full size polish was Classically, a soft and classic pink. The mini polish was a Tipped Off, a deep black. This month’s bath products included mani dust and a cuticle oil in one of several fall scents; I received Home Sweet Home, a classic delight of cinnamon stick, clove buds, and apple. To top it all off, they also included an Ever After nail file and french tip vinyl guides from Green Goddess Creations. It’s basically a whole spa in a box.


I decided to use my box step-by-step, starting with a good soak. As directed, I mixed about half the Bath Dust in with warm water. It dissolves quickly, mixes easily, and smells delightful, like warm apple pie. I love the spiciness of the cloves and cinnamon. I let my hands soak in the water for about ten minutes, which was very relaxing. My hands felt clean, smooth, and refreshed after using the Bath Dust, perfectly prepped for a mani. I’d definitely use it again, as a mani soak, pedi soak, or for a full bath.

After drying off my hands, I used my new Ever After file (which has two different grit sizes) to smooth and shape the edges of my nails. For the record, oval nails are a lot more work to shape than square ones, but I’m still giving them a chance.


I finished my prep with the cuticle oil, which I’ve spoken about several times on my blog before. I let the oil soak in for 10-15 minutes, and then swipe my nails with a cotton pad soaked in acetone, to remve any excess oil before applying polish. It is a go-to product for me, leaving my cuticles and nails moisturized and smelling great. I love the little droppers, which make application a breeze. If you haven’t tried Ever After Cuticle Oil yet, you really should.

After putting on Ever After Base Coat, I started my mani with Classically. I found the formula to be rather thick, so application wasn’t as easy as usual. I struggled a bit with balding (when your polish pulls up the layer underneath it), and the dry time was longer than average. I had full opacity in two coats. I’ll be adding a little bit of thinner to this one, which I think will resolve any application issues. Once Classically dried, I topped it with Ever After’s Top Coat, a quick dry top coat that’s perfect for using vinyls.

With any vinyl, it’s a good idea to apply a quick dry topper before applying the vinyls so they don’t peel up the polish underneath. Once I placed the tip guide where I wanted it, I applied one medium-thick coat of Tipped Off to the top of my nails, and then used tweezers to peel off the vinyls. I find tweezers to work best so I don’t smudge the wet polish. The vinyls were easy to use and didn’t peel up any polish. I was able to reuse vinyl on multiple nails, so it only took me two guides to do all ten fingers. I’ll definitely be checking out Green Goddess Creations in the future for more nail art goodies.

Tipped Off had a great formula that went on very smoothly with full opacity in just one coat- perfect for using with vinyls. Tipped Off dried in normal time, and I finished with a coat of Ever After Top Coat for shine.

You might notice in the photos that there is a little streakiness to this mani; that’s my fault for putting top coat on too soon. It did cause tipped off to streak down on the nail a bit. Despite my mistake, I was really happy with both polishes in terms of color. Classically is a great nude pink, with just a hint of holo shimmer that gives it a little something extra. It’s semi-opaque, which gives it a very natural look on the nail. Tipped Off is a very true black, and opaque in one medium coat. It provides great coverage and intense color, and I can’t wait to try using it for other nail art. I really enjoyed the two colors together, and my twisted mani. The black-tipped mani has a clean, sleek, and modern look. It’s still nude and understated, but a bit more interesting and unique than a standard French manicure. I would definitely use this look again.

Although I had concerns about Classically’s formula, it was easily resolved with a little thinner (which I tested after removing this mani). All in all, this might be the best Ever After Box yet. The curation was really on-point, and every item in the box fit right into the Classically Twisted theme. I was able to use the whole box for a mini-spa treatment, which was relaxing and fun. The fall scents are delightful, and I really enjoyed the clean, modern look of my mani. I’m so pleased with this box and can’t wait to review the next one.

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