Fantasmic Flakies August 2016: le Polish Eat * Sleep * Flake * Repeat

esfrbottleThe third Fantasmic Flakies custom, for August 2016, was made by le Polish, and brand I haven’t tried before. The group poll selected black for the color, and then submitted and voted on inspiration photos, per the usual setup. This month was the first month the polish was named by the maker, rather than having the group vote on a name. Moving forward the polishes are being named by the makers, based on the inspiration photo and the polish they create. The group was given a sneak peek of the August custom, named Eat * Sleep * Flake * Repeat (ESFR), and then was able to purchase from the le Polish shop. Eat * Sleep * Flake * Repeat is a black base…full of shimmer, microflakes, and rainbow flakes.


*Please note: The inspiration photo is not mine, and all rights belong to the copyright holder. Because I don’t know where people pull the photos from, I don’t know if they have the rights to it or not. I feel that it would be a disservice not to include it here, but I will remove it immediately upon request if I am violating any copyright by doing so.

In terms of application, I found ESFR’s formula to be a bit thick, and struggled to achieve an even application. The first coat went on a bit unevenly, and I experienced some balding when I applied my second coat, so I had to do spot touchups. ESFR required a long dry time as well. I did appreciate that it was fully opaque in two coats, with a very even distribution of the flakes on the nail.

I would describe Eat * Sleep * Flake * Repeat as a black jelly polish with small, earth toned flakies in peach, yellow, mossy green, teal, tan, brown, medium blue, and purple flakes. The earth tone flakes really stand out from the deep, black base. The peach, yellow, brown, and tan flakes have a warmer look, which contrasts against the cooler black of the base and the teal, blue, and purple flakes. I think this blend of flakies might look better in a more earthy base, as I’m not sure they complement the black. It’s a very unique and interesting look, although not my personal taste.

While I thought ESFR was a very unique shade, I did not feel it was very true to the inspiration photo. Based on this photo, I would expect a blurple or indigo base with neon/highlighter shades including yellow, orange/peach, pink, and white, and possibly some clear, opalescent flakes. To be fair, le Polish was asked to make a black polish, so they didn’t really have a choice in terms of base. I really like the inspiration photo for a flakie polish, but it might not be the best choice for black, since only the background of the photo is black. However, I do feel like the flakie mix definitely could have fit the inspiration better.

Overall, I was disappointed with Eat * Sleep * Flake * Repeat. The formula and dry time really left something to be desired, and while I do think the polish was unique, it’s probably not a go-to shade for me. I felt like it could have fit the inspiration photo a lot better, even with the limitations of needing to be a black polish. I know this post has been a bit critical, but I always want to be honest in my reviews. While this polish wasn’t a winner for me, I won’t make any assessment of the brand, as it’s the first le Polish I’ve tried. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time.



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