Julep Scorpio

The 10th polish of the Zodiac Collection is Scorpio, for October 23rd – November 21st. Scorpio is an “oxblood vamp starlit shimmer” that “pairs perfectly with your sultry style.”

Online, Scorpio appears to be a deep, raspberry red polish with purple and pink tones. The bold, dark base is complemented by magenta and silver shimmer that gives it a sparkly, shiny look. The shimmer is more of a microglitter or large shimmer for a semi-scattered effect, much like Virgo.

In terms of formula, Scorpio applied evenly with no application issues. I was pleased to find I had almost complete opacity after just one thin coat, but applied a second to make sure I had rich, full color. The color was darker and more saturated after the second coat, as expected. I think one medium coat would be plenty in the future. The dry time was pretty standard, with no problems. I applied glossy topcoat to finish my mani.

I’m generally a fan of deep, bold shades, so it was no surprise to find that really liked Scorpio. I decided this shade is best considered a reddish plum, living in between my purple and pink shades in color order. Depending on the lighting, it can appear to be a vampy, burgundy red or a more purple, dark magenta-plum. Generally, I found it leaned a bit more purple. No matter what color you call it, it’s a lovely shade. The shimmer really brightens the look, adding sparkle, shine, and sophistication. It’s probably one of the best of the Zodiac collection, along with Virgo.

Color Comparisons

It wasn’t a challenge to pull swatches for this comparison, as there are a lot of other is it red/is is plum? shades in the Julep Collection. While many of them are cremes, I was able to locate some shimmers as well, to see how Scorpio stacked up.

Scorpio is quite similar to Celine in base shade, and to a degree in finish. While Celine is slightly holographic, Scorpio’s shimmer is much more noticeable and has larger particles. It’s very similar to Kristjana, both with a strong silver shimmer. However, Kristjana’s base shade is a bit redder/pinker, and makes Scorpio look pretty purple. All in all, it’s close but not the same as other shades, and passes my muster for being unique.

Despite many lovely shades and finishes, I’ve been pretty critical of many of the Zodiac polishes, largely because the formulas have been disappointing. Scorpio is one of the exceptions to this rule, and I’m very happy about it. The formula was awesome, the color was great, and I didn’t note any faults. It’s definitely a shade I’d recommend adding to your collection.



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