Julep December 2016 Color Comparisons

I mentioned that January would definitely have some catchup, and since it’s now February, I’d better finish up my December posts, if you can follow that. Overall, I was quite happy with the This Way to the Soirée Collection. The collection was full of bright, fun colors in a variety of finishes. This Way to the Soirée paired bright jewel tones and metallics without relying on the traditional holiday colors, really differentiating it from most holiday collections. I enjoyed the polishes, and was optimistic that most if not all would prove to be unique additions to the Julep catalog.


It was pretty easy to find bright gold shades for comparisons for Bree. Bree was one of my favorite polishes of the collection, and I was concerned it might be similar to the new Vivien. I’m pleased to report that I was completely wrong. It is brighter and less amber than many other golds, and has a really unique finish. Like Keila, but in a different shade, Bree is packed with metallic flakes that layer to give it a strong metallic and reflective look. It’s 100% unique and a great addition to the catalog.


Julep has made quite a few berry shades, so I was able to pull comparisons quickly for Lula. I found that in terms of base shade, it’s quite similar to Neha and Janel. However, Lula has significantly more shimmer than either, and really stands out from the crowd. It has my seal of approval for being a new and different shade.


I didn’t struggle to find comparisons for Jolie, either. It fits in well with the other magenta purples in the Julep collection. Jolie’s base shade is actually a darker, truer purple, but it has so much magenta shimmer that it fits in better with the magentas. It definitely is similar to Flora and Katie, but not the same. They all vary in type and shade of shimmer. Jolie isn’t the most unique, but it’s not a dupe, so I’m still pretty happy with it.


Kristjana was hard to place, as it can look dark red or more purple, depending on the light. In the end I placed it with the deep purples that lean red (because that’s not overly specific, right?). I was surprised to find Kristjana was closest to Evelyn, a créme polish, in terms of shade, but had a very different finish. A number of purples in this comparison share a similar shimmery finish, but have less red undertones. I think Kristjana could have been more different if it had a true holo effect, but was happy to find no other polishes were exactly the same.


Ginny is a blurple shade, so I tried to focus on other indigo and blurple colors. In comparison, Ginny appears more purple. But, it looks blue compared to the purples, so I stuck with the original comparison. That was a mouthful. Ginny’s finish is very similar to Sagittarius, but the base shades are distinct. Ginny is definitely more purple, and reminds me of grapes for some reason. Ginny is one of my favorites in this collection, and I was happy to find it didn’t duplicate any existing colors.


Although Roselyn is a white polish, I decided to compare it to pale greys, as the silver shimmer does grey out the base a bit. While there are other shimmery whites, the shimmer is very subtle and doesn’t shift the polish as grey as Roselyn. I found that Roselyn was actually closest to Coretta, but doesn’t offer as much multidimensional shimmer, and has finer particles. While it’s not the most differentiated shade, Roselyn is definitely something new.


While there aren’t a crazy amount of bright turquoise blues in the Julep catalog, I did find colors to compare to Iris. For the most part, they’re fairly different in shade, with the exception of Danielle. Although Iris and Danielle are a very similar color, like Lula, Iris has a lot more shimmer than other colors. It has a fairly unique finish and texture, and is a great addition to the collection.

I was pleased to find that pretty much every shade in this collection had something new to offer. While some polishes were close to existing colors, none of them were duplicates or even near duplicates. I hold Julep to a high standard for originality, because I know they’re able to produce great collections like this one, and because there are so many color/finish combinations they still haven’t explored. This collection was a win for me, and I hope 2017 holds more unique collections.



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