Valentine’s Day Mani with Fair Maiden Persephone and Hemera

persephonehemerabottlesYesterday was February 14th, and that means Valentine’s Day. And while I don’t always do holiday manis, this year, I decided to go all out and put on something festive. I’ve actually had quite a few manis this month that I want to share with you, but my work schedule has been much busier than usual. I really miss the blog, so I’m excited to be posting this one.

B gave me some adorable heart vinyls for Christmas, which seemed like the ideal tool/inspiration for a Valentine’s Day mani. The big challenge, as usual, was picking colors. I recently purchased the Fair Maiden Goddesses Part 2 Trio, and decided nothing would be more appropriate for the holiday. I also have the original Trio, and realized that Persephone from the original set was a perfect match to Hemera from the new set. I decided to use Hemera as my base color with Persephone as the accent color. Persephone is “a rich plum with gold flakes and a color shifting flakes from orange to pink,” and Hemera is “a white crelly with violet gold shimmer and contains red to purple to copper shifting flakes.”


I started with Hemera, which had a very smooth and easy to use formula. I applied two coats for a mostly opaque look; I did still have a slight visible nail line after the second coat. I was pleased to see that the flakes are distributed very evenly throughout the polish. The dry time was standard, and I topped with a quick dry top coat to allow vinyl application. I used the heart vinyls as well as French Tip mani guides to add my Persephone accents. I used a thicker coat to ensure I had opacity in one coat. I had no application issues with the formula and was pleased to find it dried in normal time, even with the thicker coats I was using. Once the accents were dry, I topped with Fair Maiden’s It’s Magic glossy top coat for extra shine.

Despite not really being a big celebrator of Valentine’s Day, I found myself really enjoying my holiday mani. Persephone and Hemera are an ideal match. Hemera is a shimmery white with just a hint of grey tint, packed with flakes that shift from magenta plum to red to orange to gold. It’s a really unique combination, with a pale, neutral base and warm, deep toned flakes. I loved all three in the new trio, but you know I’m a flake addict, and Hemera just might be my favorite. The flakes play off of Persephone very well. Persephone’s base is the same rich, magenta plum, and the gold flakes and shimmer match Hemera’s gold shifting flakes. Persephone is a great wine shade, and I felt like this deep, saturated polish contrasted Hemera’s base and accented the flakes really well. I’m quite happy with the look.

I’m really glad I used Hemera and Persephone, and definitely recommend you try them together. In true Valentine’s Day spirit, they’re a perfect match for each other.



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