Joy Keyframe and Anchorage

keyframeanchoragebottlesBefore winter ended, I wanted to do a seasonal mani, and decided to use the snowflake vinyls B gave me for Christmas. I wanted to use cool, wintery shades, and had colors in mind right away: Joy Keyframe and Anchorage. Both polishes are from the Dictionary Crèmes Collection released in late 2016. The collection included eight new colors, inspired by the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. From the website:

“And finally, here’s a little backstory about the theme…I stumbled upon a few unique words from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows several years ago. The definitions of Sonder and Xeno were among the first few that really stuck with me. When it came time to create JL’s first ever crème collection, I knew the colors would be rich, wintery and pretty straightforward, being crèmes. By using these DOOS words and linking colors to a definition, it turned a simple crème collection into something more. These names that would otherwise be…well, quite obscure, the colors now have a “mood” to match. Realizing this ‘Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’ theme seems a bit morose at first, but it’s not meant to be “sorrowful” at all.  I’ll always think of my mom and how different my Lapyear age was from hers. And Sonder. Sonder is such an amazing concept that we rarely stop to think about. Although the words are not widely used, once you read them, you might also relate with the sentiment.”

While I don’t have every shade in this collection, I did purchase a number of them, including Keyframe and Anchorage. Keyframe is “a rich thermal that transitions from deep charcoal gray to dusty eggplant.” It is defined as “a moment that seemed innocuous at the time but ended up marking a diversion into a strange new era of your life—set in motion not by a series of jolting epiphanies but by tiny imperceptible differences between one ordinary day and the next, until entire years of your memory can be compressed into a handful of indelible images—which prevents you from rewinding the past, but allows you to move forward without endless buffering.” Anchorage is “a very subtle, stormy blue,” defined as “the desire to hold on to time as it passes, like trying to keep your grip on a rock in the middle of a river, feeling the weight of the current against your chest while your elders float on downstream, calling over the roar of the rapids, “Just let go—it’s okay—let go.”


I really love the bittersweet inspirations behind these shades, and have been waiting to use them for a mani. I felt like the colors were perfect for the end of winter while waiting for spring to come. I started my mani with two coats of Keyframe as my base. It had a very smooth application and good color coverage. It was fully opaque after two coats, which dried in normal time. Once Keyframe was dry, I topped with Joy’s 3…2…Oh! Quick Dry Top Coat. I then applied snowflake vinyls to my nails, and painted on one thick layer of Anchorage. Anchorage also had a good formula, and was opaque in one thick coat. I used tweezers to immediately pull up the vinyls, and it dried quickly. I then applied a second coat of Quick Dry Top Coat for an extra glossy finish.

I was quite pleased with my mani, because I love the sophisticated sense a crème polish gives me, and felt like these colors achieved the semi-somber, wintry feel I wanted. I found Keyframe to be a strongly cold-activated thermal, so even my tips were mostly the deep grey, warm state the majority of the time. Running them under cold water or touching ice enabled me to achieve the deeper eggplant shade that you can see in the cool state in the bottle. The grey is very dark and saturated, much more charcoal and cool-toned. It’s a great background color for nail art as well as a classy neutral shade on its own. The eggplant is a rich, earthy color with tones of red and purple, leaning purple overall. Both states are lovely, and I enjoyed the deep color pairing here. Anchorage is a very cold, pale blue, with tones of green. I might describe it as a barely saturated robin’s egg blue. Anchorage has an inherently wintry feel to me; it’s a shade you would expect to see in winter landscape, cold and serene. I think the two shades contrasted nicely, and loved how the light snowflakes stand out against the darker base. I’d definitely repeat this pairing another time, and will be using my vinyls again next winter.

Although I only used two of the eight polishes in the collection, I’m impressed with the Dictionary Crèmes so far, and can’t wait to try the rest of the colors. I had no application issues, and really enjoyed the smooth, crème finish. Both colors were gorgeous, and really evoked their bittersweet definitions. I’ll definitely be using these crèmes again, and can’t wait to try watermarbling with them later this year. Even though spring is just about here, I’m glad I gave winter one last chance.



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