Julep January 2017: Future Fresh

As I mentioned in my last Julep post, I won’t be doing my monthly reviews moving forward, as I won’t be getting every collection. However, C has agreed to keep swatching for me, so I will still provide color comparisons, albeit a bit later than usual. In addition, she’s agreed to review the monthly collections, so you’ll still get input on the colors. I’m really excited for her to have a regular feature, and I hope you’ll enjoy her reviews. And for what it’s worth, C, I think your nails are lovely.


Disclaimer: Since Abby is no longer getting all of the Juleps, I thought I would try to take over the color swatches for her. However, my nails aren’t nearly as nice as hers, nor am I good at cleaning up my nails. With that in mind, please don’t judge Abby for my terrible nails.


The Future Fresh Collection included:

  • 9 New Nail Colors
  • Boost Your Radiance (a new rosehip seed oil for your skin)

January’s collection was supposed to be futuristic shades. This collection was much larger in terms of numbers of polish colors than recent collections. There were three new crèmes, one new ghost shimmer, and five sheer colors that are supposed to transform any shade you have. While I found the crèmes to be similar to existing Julep colors (which I will leave Abby to analyze in the color comparisons), the transformative shades were fairly unique for Julep. All of the transformative shades have a slight color shift to them; however, in true Julep form, it is more evident in the bottle than on the nail. It is also hard to photograph.  I did not get the Boost Your Radiance oil, so my review is strictly about the polishes.



Katherine (1) is a Boho Glam shade described as a portobello mushroom crème. It is a standard, grayed out light brown crème. It is a good neutral shade, but I don’t think I would consider it to be very futuristic. I’ve also noticed Julep likes to use the term Mushroom in their descriptions. The formula was great; it actually only took one medium coat to achieve full coverage. It had an average dry time. I then topped it with the five transforming shades (from thumb to Pinky: Yulia, Belle, Pacita, Marta, and Darcy), which I will describe later in this review.  As you can see, they do change the color.


Gabby (2) is Bombshell shade described as a midnight teal ghost shimmer. Per normal Ghost Shimmer finishes, this one had absolutely no ghost shimmer to it whatsoever. It was a straight up dark teal crème. It was also very sheer, and needed three coats for full coverage. The first coat was very streaky. However, it did dry quickly. Once again, I topped it with the three transformative shades (from thumb to Pinky: Yulia, Belle, Pacita, Marta, and Darcy). Overall, I was not thrilled with this shade.


Barb (3) is an It Girl shade described as a cool slate crème. Barb is basically a grayed out teal. In my opinion, I think it is one of the more unique crème colors in this collection, as it sometimes looks more gray and other times looks more blue. It had a wonderful formula, and only took one medium coat for a full coverage. The dry time was average for Julep crèmes.  This was once again topped with the transforming colors (from thumb to Pinky: Yulia, Belle, Pacita, Marta, and Darcy). I liked this crème a lot.


Evan (4) is a Classic with a Twist shade described as a juiced beet crème. This color needed two coats to achieve full coverage, and dried fairly quickly. This color is my favorite of the crèmes, but I love colors that lean pink. This shade was also more unique when covered by the transformative shades (from thumb to Pinky: Yulia, Belle, Pacita, Marta, and Darcy). They ended up achieving completely different looks from the previous shades. With Yulia on the thumb, it almost looked like the Julep shade Ciara. In terms of Pacita, you can see its shift best when it’s on top of Evan.


yuliamainYulia (5) is a Boho Glam shade described as turquoise sheer iridescent shimmer. In the bottle you can see this color shifts from blue to pink, however it is not as evident on the nail. It is very sheer with one coat, and even with three coats you can still visibly see the nail line. Since this color is strong under a dark color, I would suggest just using an under color and saving yourself some polish and time with coats. For the picture, I did one coat on my index finger, two coats on my middle finger, and three coats on my ring finger. This color dries super quickly for the first coat, but consecutive coats tend to have a longer drying time.


bellemainBelle (6) is a Bombshell shade described as a plum punch sheer iridescent shimmer. This color shifts from pink to darker pink. It is probably the least shift shady. It is the most opaque out of all of these transforming sheers. However, it would still take more than three coats to achieve full opacity. This color is slightly thicker than some of the other shades. Once again, I would recommend using a darker color underneath.


pacitamainPacita (7) is a Wonder Maven shade described as a honey ginger sheer iridescent shimmer. This color has one of the stronger shifts between gold and red. Like the others, it is super thin, and needs an under color to show its true potential. Also like the previous mentioned shades, the first coat dries quickly, but each consecutive coat takes longer to dry.


martamainMarta (8) is a Wonder Maven shade described as an iced violet sheer shimmer. This one also has a bit more opacity to it, and is slightly thicker than the others. This one shifts between purple and a darker purple with a blue shimmer. There is minimal shift with this color. As with the others, an undie will make the color pop more and use less polish.


darcymainDarcy (9) is an It Girl shade described as a baja sunrise sheer iridescent shimmer. This is by far my favorite out of all the colors in this collection. While it looks gold in the bottle, it is a denim blue shade on the nail. This color probably has the strongest shift, going from gold to blue. It is very sheer, but an undie tends to dull the blue and make the color lean gold, so this shade may be worth it to go four coats to get full opacity. This color also has a rose gold shimmer to it. This is by far the most unique shade in the collection and the one that I feel most people should have in their collection.

For fun I decided to swatch the colors on my nail mat so you can see the colors over black and white at the same time. As you can see, these sheer shades take on different color personalities depending on if they are over light colors or dark colors. Darcy once again wins for being most unique in this picture as her blue base with gold shimmer really stands out and they contrast each other nicely.


Overall, this was a pretty decent collection. The crème shades had great formulas, however they are most likely similar to other shades that Julep has created in the past. The one ghost shimmer (Gabby) is the most disappointing shade in the collection. The five sheers are great colors, and three of them have gorgeous shifts to them that the camera just can’t seem to capture. Darcy is by far the most unique one in this collection, and may be one of my new favorite Julep shades. I will leave the color comparisons for Abby, so you can have her opinions on the colors as well.



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