Ever After Indie Shop Crellies


The Atlanta Indie Shop is just a week away, and as the event approaches, many makers are starting to share sneak peaks of some of the goodies they’ll have at the event. I was lucky enough to have Ever After send me their new Crelly scents to review and share with you. Their 2017 Spring lineup includes five scents, four of which are new, and one returning. These scents will debut at The Indie Shop and then be available on the Ever After site. The Spring Collection includes fruity, floral, and fresh scents- something for everyone.


blackberrymagnolia1Blackberry Magnolia, the first of the new scents, smells like fresh picked magnolias mingled with sweet blackberries. This crelly is both fruity and floral, perfectly balancing between the two notes. The magnolia is clean and light, complemented by the tangy blackberry, for a really unique and compelling scent.

georgiapeach1Georgia Peaches is scented with the juiciest peaches, picked straight from a Georgia Peach Orchard. This crelly is sweet and fresh, and smells exactly like peaches right off the tree (not over-sweetened, canned ones), with a hint of cream. Georgia Peaches is lightly scented, and smells just-picked. It’s perfect for spring and very fitting for the Atlanta Indie Shop.

twistedicedtea1Twisted Iced Tea, the returning scent, is a southern sweet tea perfectly balanced with pure cane sugar and tangy lemons. Like Georgia Peaches, I can’t help but feel this sweet tea scent is a perfect selection for the location of the Indie Shop. You can smell every note in Twisted Iced Tea, from the classic tea leaf smell, to the sweetness of the sugar, to the tart lemon. It’s well balanced and refreshing, like a cool glass of iced tea on a warm day.

raspberryvanilla1Raspberry Vanilla smells like just picked sweet and tart sun-ripened raspberries with just a hint of vanilla. This is the sweetest of the scents, and reminds me of a raspberry tart with vanilla icing or ganache. There’s also a hint of tartness to it, giving the scent extra depth, and keeping it from becoming too sugary. I would describe this scent as warm, fruity, and comforting.

southernbreezes1Southern Breezes is scented like freshly washed linen hung to dry in the breeze, scented with muguet, rose, jasmine and fresh air. There’s a good balance of the different floral notes, so no one flower overpowers any of the others. Southern Breezes reminds me dryer sheets and that warm, delightful smell of laundry when it comes out of the dryer. I don’t hang my clothes outside to dry, but I imagine the smell is exactly like this crelly.


If you’ve never tried Ever After’s Crelly before, I highly recommend you try these new scents. Ever After Crelly is “designed to moisturize and nourish dry cuticles. Also works great as a lotion with the added vitamin E.” The crelly absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue, and gives you long-lasting moisture, which is critical if you have dry skin like I do. The scents are always well-balanced and never overpowering. Since I’ve started using Ever After’s Crelly, I haven’t purchased any lotion/cream from anywhere else.


Delightful Crelly Macro!

Thank you again to Ever After for sending me these to review! Ever After Crelly is available in original and petroleum-free versions on their site, here. I’ve found both work equally well. The petroleum-free version is a bit fluffier, but otherwise, they’re quite similar. For now, the January scents are still available, and after The Indie Shop next weekend, the Spring Collection will be available on the site. Even if you aren’t going to The Indie Shop in person, you should still check these out. You won’t regret it.



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