Ever After January 2017 Box: May the Force Be with You


Ever After’s January 2017 Box was themed May the Force Be with You. In light of Carrie Fisher’s passing, Rachel and Miranda considered not releasing the box, but instead decided to donate 10% of the box proceeds to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I’m glad they decided to proceed with the box, and honor her memory with a donation to a cause she cared so passionately about. Carrie Fisher will always be Princess Leia in the hearts of many. She was a strong, unapologetic heroine. I remember watching Star Wars at a young age, and thinking what a great example of girl power she was (girl power was a very important concept to me growing up). Included in this month’s box was Bold  and Unwavering, a “dusty olive toned nude with silver and gold flakes, scattered holo, and antique-esque shimmer in remembrance of all that she was and all that she stood for.” Also included was a new product, Leave In Conditioner, scented with Tropical Fruit. The extra treat was a Star Wars candy lightsaber.


Bold and Unwavering had an excellent formula that went on very smoothly, with even coverage and distribution of flakes. It was mostly opaque after the first coat, with complete color coverage in two coats. The dry time was a bit faster than normal, with a glossy finish. I topped with Ever After’s Top Coat for extra shine.

I absolutely loved Bold and Unwavering. It’s definitely going to be high up on my list of favorite Ever Afters. Depending on the lighting, the base shifts from a medium silver to a dustier olive tone, for a really dynamic and unique look. The shimmer and flakes give it a reflective and shiny finish, really catching the eye. The combination of gold and silver flakes creates a very interesting look, with the gold flakes showing more when the base appears silver, and the silver flakes really standing out when it has a more olive shift. It’s really packed with holo, which I found shows up even indoors. In the sun, it has amazing rainbow shimmer, and really catches the eye. Bold and Unwavering is a really unique shade, somehow sophisticated and fun at the same time. I’m really glad to have this polish in my collection, and think it’s a perfect tribute.

Leave In Conditioner, the beauty product this month, is inspired by Chewbacca, according to the card. I tend to have dry hair, and have dyed it a few times this year, so having a good conditioner is always important. I’ve used the Leave In Conditioner several times, now, and have been quite pleased with the results. I spray a few spritzes over my hair when it’s damp after a shower. I’ve found the conditioner makes it much easier to brush out, and makes it less prone to static once dry. The aloe and other nourishing ingredients really give your hair extra shine. Not only is the Conditioner quite effective, it also smells delightful. Tropic Fruit has strong notes of pineapple, with what I think might be mango and papaya. It’s fruity, tart, and quite frankly, delightful. I love fruity smells for hair products, so this was right up my alley.

I’m really glad that Ever After decided to move forward with this box, and to honor Carrie Fisher’s memory and advocacy by donating part of the proceeds. Not only did the box support a good cause, it also had two fantastic products that I’ll definitely be using. Bold and Unwavering is a new favorite polish for me, and I look forward to revisiting it. I have no doubt that I’ll use up the Leave In Conditioner, and my hair will thank me. The May the Force Be with You box was a strong way to start the year, and I’m excited to keep sharing my Ever After boxes with you. Stay tuned for another Sub-Box Sunday next week!

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