Ever After February 2017 Box: Black Heart


After taking a week off, Sub-Box Sunday is back, and today I’m sharing Ever After’s February 2017 Box. This year, rather than doing a traditional Valentine’s Day theme, the box was themed Black Heart. Black Heart was inspired by the anti-Valentine’s day crowd, appealing to those who have been “scorned by love”. The box included two nail care products: a bottle of Cuticle Remover Gel, and a dropper of Rapid Dry. The monthly polish, Black Heart, is a “deep black satin finish loaded with red and copper flakes and just a slight hint of shimmer”. To finish it off, the box also included a Black Cherry flavored Blow Pop.


I was very excited to try the Cuticle Remover Gel. In terms of nail care, I do not advocate cutting your cuticles, because of the risk of cutting too deep and removing live skin. However, I am pro using a cuticle remover product, as they can help you get rid of dry, dead skin without having to use a cutting tool. Ever After Cuticle Remover Gel came in a mini polish bottle, which is perfect, as the brush allows you to apply it precisely and neatly. You use a small amount along the cuticle line, let it sit for about a minute, and then use a cuticle pusher tool to remove any excess skin. Last, you wash off any extra product. I found the gel to be very effective. It applied cleanly without wasting product, helped loosen dry skin, and didn’t burn or sting. There was very little extra, which washed off quickly. I usually use a cuticle remover as part of my nail routine, so this is definitely a product I’ll be using.


Black Heart had a standard formula that applied easily and smoothly. The flakies distributed evenly across the nail, with a medium concentration. Because the base leans rather jelly, I opted for three coats for full opacity and color coverage. The dry time was standard. After testing the dry time on the first coat, I decided to test the quick dry drops. I dropped on drop on each nail, and let it dry. The drop spreads around the nail on its own, and cut the dry time significantly. Once the polish was dry, I rubbed in the extra oil. The drops will come in especially handy with a polish that has a longer dry time, or when you need less time between coats. Once I was done, I topped the mani with Ever After’s Top Coat.

Black Heart is a unique, interesting polish. I’d describe the base as a black jelly, which dries to semi-glossy, or satin finish, just as described. The flakies are gold, orange, and red, reminding me of the flames of a fire. They catch the light, reflecting warm, vibrant color, and stand out agains the dark, vampy base. The flakies are complemented by a smattering of holo shimmer; the blue in the shimmer especially stands out, which you can see best if you look at the macro of the bottle. It’s an eye-catching look and overall a very pretty shade. I don’t own any other polishes that look like this, and that’s always a win for me.

I really enjoyed this month’s Black Heart box. It’s always fun to get to try new products, and this month’s box included not one, but two new nail care goodies. Both are likely to become part of my regular nail routine. The polish itself was one of a kind and a nice differentiation from the typical Valentine reds and pinks. The monthly box is always fun for me because it gives me a good excuse to treat myself for the evening. I loved how every item in this box could be used for my mani, and appreciate that they vary between beauty, bath, and nail care products each month. I’m excited to share March’s box next, but that will have to wait for next week.



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