Julep January 2017 Color Comparisons

Julep’s January Collection featured many dark, earthy colors, as well as a new finish, sheer iridescent shimmer. While I didn’t review the collection, I was curious to see how the colors would stack up, especially after reading C’s thoughts. I expected colors in the new finish to really stand out, but guessed that the crémes would likely be near dupes, as Julep’s créme catalog is so extensive. The only way to find out, of course, was too pull out the swatch sticks and get to comparing.


Katherine was hard to place; I couldn’t decide if it fit better with greys or browns. In the end, I found it fit better with the browns, but left Daria in as a grey reference. Katherine is closest to Rooney, but definitely not a dupe, as it leans a bit more grey and is slightly less saturated. It’s not the most creative shade, but it passes my standard for being unique.


Although described as a ghost shimmer, Gabby really appeared as more of a créme. It’s an incredibly dark shade, even compared to other darker teal colors. Josephine is also a fairly dark shade, but leans a bit more forest green, while Gabby appears nearly black. It’s definitely a new shade, although it’s so close to black you probably won’t notice the teal except in bright light.


Barb is a very blue-leaning grey, so I decided it would be best to compare it to both blues and greys. In the end, I decided to call it grey, but really it could go either way. Barb fits perfectly in the spectrum, right between Daria and Eliana. It’s a new and different shade, and I’m glad to see it added to the catalog.


Julep has plenty of dark, burgundy crémes, so pulling comparison colors for Evan was quite easy. I found it was close to both DeAnn and Aisha, although not exactly the same. I’m inclined to call is a near dupe of Aisha, so if you have one, you probably don’t need the other. Evan is not a total miss, but not really anything new or exciting either.



Because of the color shift for the sheer iridescent shimmers, it was harder to place Yulia and the other iridescent shades this month in the color spectrum. I tried to focus on the dominant color. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture this shift in the swatch photos. Yulia’s main color, a deeper teal, has the same metallic effect as some of the other teal Julep shades, but leans a darker and has a hint more of blue tones. It’s definitely a unique shade.


Belle fits in very well with other bright magentas, so I had plenty of swatches to choose from. The dominant shade is fairly close to Jeanette, but leans just slightly more purple. They both have a similar shimmery/metallic effect, but Belle is really differentiated by the shifting effect of the finish. 


Pacita was definitely the hardest shade to place, as it shifts from red to orangey-copper to gold. In the end, I decided it most often looks like a reddish copper, and compared it to other copper and rose gold polishes; it look very brown compared to other reds. Pacita doesn’t look anything like any other shade, and is definitely new and interesting. It’s the most unique color in this collection.


Marta also gave me some trouble for pulling comparisons, as it’s very dark and saturated, but not quite the same hue as other darker purples. In the end, I placed it with shades I largely consider to be true purples, leaning neither blue nor red. It doesn’t really quite fit here either, but it was the closest comparison I felt I had. Marta also clearly falls into the creative and different category.


I found the Darcy fit best with some of the other greyish purples, and focused on those for comparison. I was suprised to find it’s actually quite similar to Reece and Joss, with Joss being less metallic and Reece being more metallic. Despite the relative similarities, like the rest of the sheer iridescent shimmers, the color shift really differentiates Darcy, and keeps it from becoming a dupe.

January’s Collection was quite successful in terms of uniqueness of shades. I found the eight of the nine colors were reasonably or completely creative, with only one shade being a near-dupe. It’s always great to see Julep explore a new finish, and I think the sheer iridescent shimmers will be a lot of fun to play with as toppers. January’s Collection was a strong start to the year, and I hope we’ll continue to see new and interesting shades for the rest of 2017.



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