Fantasmic Flakies September 2016: Darling Diva Andromeda

AndromedaBottleThe September 2016 Fantasmic Flakies Custom was created by Darling Diva Polish. I’ve had heard of the brand before, but hadn’t purchased any polishes. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about Fantasmic Flakies is the exposure it has given me to new brands (although I try to be careful not to expand my purchases too much). I’ve really enjoyed branching out a bit, and seeing all the gorgeous shades that different makers have to offer. Anyway, the voting process was straightforward, with red as the winning color in the poll, followed by photo submissions and then voting. Based on the inspiration photo, Darling Diva created the September custom, named Andromeda. According to their site, “this red berry polish flashes from brick red through purple berry with a soft linear holo and blue to red multichrome flakes”.


*Please Note: The inspiration photo is not mine, and all rights belong to the copyright holder. Because I don’t know where people pull the photos from, I do not know if they have the rights to them or not. I feel that it would be a disservice not to include it here, but I will remove it immediately upon request if I am violating any copyright by doing so.

I was really happy with Andromeda’s application. It had a smooth formula and even distribution of flakes, without any streaking. I also liked Darling Diva’s brush, which is medium width and relatively flat, allowing it to hold the perfect amount of polish to cover the nail without creating too thick of a coat. I had full opacity and rich color after two coats. The dry time was average. To finish, I topped with glossy top coat.

Andromeda is a very multidimensional shade. In sunlight and brighter artificial light, the base is a true, medium red, which shifts to a more purple, berry shade in indirect or softer lighting. The multichrome flakes shift from a red that matches the base to a deep blue-purple that really contrasts and stands out. When they show purple and blue, the flakes give the polish darker tones, and add a slight metallic effect. All of this is complemented by the delicate linear holo, which gives the polish extra sparkle and shine. I feel like the holo shimmer especially flashes gold, adding metallic sparkle to this rich red shade. I love how many different aspects this shade has, all working together to create a vibrant, bold red with lots of personality.

Not only did I really enjoy Andromeda as a color, I felt it was very true to the inspiration photo. The base mimics the brighter red tones in the photo, and honors the color poll choice of a red photo. The blue and purple shift of the multichrome flakes complement the background colors, especially the blue shades you can see off in the distance of the background. The contrast of the bright red and dark blues are present in both photo and polish. I wouldn’t change anything about it, and think the inspiration was perfectly matched.

Andromeda did not disappoint. The polish had a great formula, lovely color, and was very true to the inspiration. I loved how it looked on my nails, especially how it caught and reflected the sunlight. It’s bright and dark at the same time, for a dynamic, interesting look. My only curiosity about this shade would be to know what inspired the name Andromeda. No matter what you call it though, it’s a beautiful shade.



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