Julep February 2017: Cozy in Love

I’m really excited to be sharing Christine’s (aka C’s) Julep February Review with you. Since many of you most likely already knew who she is, I’ll be putting her posts under her name moving forward (with her permission, of course). Christine also has every Julep shade, and her collection now surpasses mine, as I’m no longer getting them all. It was a bit of competition to find all of those rare 2011 shades, but we both eventually completed our collections and became close friends in the process. I’m happy to have her sharing here and look forward to her thoughts on each collection. I hope you do too!



The Cozy in Love Collection included:

  • 7 New Nail Colors
  • 4 New It’s Balms
  • 2 New When Pencil Met Gels

February’s collection is supposed to be cozy love shades. I think the collection title is supposed to be a play on Beyonce’s song Crazy in Love. This collection size was about average for Julep, in terms of both nail shades and makeup. The collection included one metallic, one crème, two ghost shimmers, and three microshimmers. There was definitely a large variety in finishes this month. In my opinion, just about all this collection was unique, but I will let Abby make the final determination on this. Also, I will not be reviewing the beauty products (even though I did get them), as I know Abby will do a better job!



AugustMainAugust (11) is a Bombshell color described as a chocolate cherry ghost shimmer. It is a dark oxblood shade. The first coat (pointer finger, top) is very sheer, but it is also where you can see the most red in the color. As the shades build up, it gets darker and darker, to where it is almost black. As per normal with Julep ghost shimmers, the shimmer is hardly noticeable. The formula was on the streaky side. While two coats could suffice (middle finger), I would suggest using three coats (ring finger, bottom) for best coverage. This shade does dry very quickly.


CharissaMainCharissa (12) is Classic with a Twist shade described as a mineral red crème. This crème leans very pink. I think it’s like a paler version of Evan from last month. I found that I really loved this shade (and I’m not usually a crème lover). One thick coat is almost fully opaque, but I still recommend two coats. What is interesting about this color is that the first coat dries almost matte, whereas with each consecutive coat it dries glossier. This polish had an average drying time.


MariolisMainMariolis (13) is this month’s Wonder Maven, and is described as a dusty coral ghost shimmer. I wouldn’t necessarily call this color coral, as it is lacking on the pink side; it leans very much to the peach side. Mariolis was a surprising shade for me, because honestly, I expected to hate it because I am not one for neutral shades. However, after I put the third coat on, I found that I loved it. You could actually see the ghost shimmer for once! The ghost shimmer was only visible after the third coat, but that gold shimmer was certainly there. The first two coats were sheer, making it hard to see the shimmer. The shimmer is actually stronger in person than it is in the picture. This shade had a fast drying time.


AinsleyMainAinsley (14) is a Classic with a Twist color described as a feather gray with gold microshimmer. This color needed two coats to achieve full coverage, and dried fairly quickly. This color, in my opinion, leans more of an ice blue than a gray. One coat is super sheer, but two and three coats are fine. The gold microshimmer is very strong in this one, which I was pleasantly surprised about. The microshimmer gives Ainsley a warm glow. I think this is probably one of the most unique shades in this collection, and it is a shade that can probably be worn year-round.


JoleneMainJolene (15) is a Bombshell shade described as an iron ore metallic. I’m just going to come right out and say it: I absolutely hate this shade. I wanted to love it because it is so sparkly in the bottle, but even after three coats there was still visible nail line. With one coat it looks like you have a weird infection on your nail. Trust me, it’s not very attractive, the picture makes it better than it truly is. On top of that, it is super streaky and takes forever to dry. Even after a good 10 minutes, it will still not be dry and the next coat will smudge the previous coat. Julep has some similar shades, so really save yourself frustration and money and skip this color.


DellaMainDella (16) is a Boho Glam polish described as a misted blackberry microshimmer. This color is pretty much fully opaque with one coat. I don’t know if I would call this one a microshimmer. Sure, there is a silver glow to it, but it comes across more as a metallic once dry. The formula for the most part is great, and the color truly fits its description. The con of this color is that the first coat is streaky, but a second coat fixes the streaks and makes it look great.


MayleeMainMaylee (17) is an It Girl color described as midnight navy with gold microshimmer. This color is odd, as it looks like black with gold flecks in the bottle, but once on the nail it becomes a blue ghost shimmer. On the nail it’s slightly brighter than navy would be. Even Julep’s dollop on the website shows this color as being almost black, when it is clearly a brighter blue shade. This color had about the same amount of shimmer as Mariolis, and not nearly as much shimmer as Ainsley. This color is very sheer for the first coat, and the second coat leaves some visible nail line. I would recommend three coats because of that. It dries quickly, so multiple coats isn’t much of an issue, but each coat does darken the color so I wouldn’t do more than three coats if you wanted to keep it on the bluer side.

Final Thoughts

For the most part I liked this collection. Ainsley and Della were my favorites in terms of shade and formula. Mariolis was a nice surprise to see a ghost shimmer finally having visible shimmer. Maylee was odd with how it’s black in the bottle, but blue on the nail. Jolene was a major fail for this collection. I’m not sure if I would call these shades cozy and loving, but they somehow seem to fit together. I think if maybe they got rid of Jolene and put a soft green in the collection instead it would be a nice transition from winter to spring collection.




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