Ever After January 2016 Box: Tea in Wonderland


As I mentioned in my last Sub-Box Sunday post, I want to share some of the early Ever After boxes. I started getting the box in March of 2016, two months after the boxes started (in January 2016). Luckily for me, Ever After re-released a number of boxes in late 2016, including the January and February boxes that I missed. I’m excited to be sharing them with you this week and next, which will mean I’ve reviewed every box! The debut Ever After monthly box for January 2016 was themed Tea in Wonderland. The polish, Drink Me, was described as a sky blue créme with copper sparkle and shimmer. The bath/body product was Lavender and Epsom Bath Tea. The mini was a rainbow flakie shifting holo topper named We’re All Mad Here. To top it all off, the box also included a selection of tea to enjoy while you admire your mani.

BathTeaBath Tea, the body product for the month, contains epsom salt to soothe the skin, and is scented with lavender for a calming, peaceful soak. As you fill the tub, you use one sachet and allow it to steep and infuse the water. When you put the sachet in the water, you can smell the lavender almost instantly. It’s a very relaxing scent that carries you away to your own little spa. As you soak, the epsom salt works its magic, soothing the skin and providing an all-around calming effect. I found the Bath Tea to be very effective, and would definitely keep more sachets on hand.

Drink Me had a very smooth formula with even application. The first coat goes on semi-sheer, with full color coverage/complete opacity after the third coat. I found the dry time to be on the faster side of average. I also decided to use We’re All Mad Here, the topper, and applied one coat to every other finger. We’re All Mad Here had a very even formula with good distribution of the flakes across the nail. It dried in standard time, and I topped with glossy top coat.

I enjoyed both polishes, and although the box was originally released in January, I can’t help but feel they’re also perfect for spring. Drink Me is a bright, cheery blue. It’s a perfect bright sky blue shade that really pops. The shimmer leans both copper and pink, catching and reflecting the light. I do tend to lean towards blue shades, and I have to say I really love this one. We’re All Mad here adds extra sparkle and shine, with shifting, iridescent flakes and holo shimmer. I’ve actually used the topper before in my Ultimate Holo Topper Showdown, and was excited to be using it again.  It really complements the bright blue of Drink Me; the two are perfectly paired.

As the first Ever After box, Tea in Wonderland did not disappoint. The Bath Tea smelled delightful (and this coming from someone who normally doesn’t like lavender), and was very effective. I liked that I received two sachets, so I’ll be able to use it again. I felt that Drink Me and We’re All Mad Here were an excellent match, and looked great together. It’s always fun to get a new topper, especially a mini one, which is perfect for travel. This box was a very strong start for the monthly boxes, and I’m really glad I was able to grab it.


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