Julep Sagittarius

The 11th polish of the Zodiac Collection is Sagittarius, for November 22nd – December 21st. Virgo is a “generous blue-violet starlit shimmer” which “sparkles lavishly like your enthusiastic nature.”

On the Julep site, Sagittarius appears to be a very purple-leaning indigo, with a strong shimmer finish. In some of the photos, it appears to be a true purple, with only a suggestion of blue tones. The dollop photo shows that the shade has silver microshimmer, as well as slightly larger silver flecks, giving it sparkly, semi-metallic finish.

While Sagittarius’s formula is slightly on the thicker side, it still had an even application without any lumpiness or balding. I had complete opacity with two coats, and was impressed with the color coverage. I noted that the dry time was on the slower side, and took a while to fully set. Once it was dry, I topped with standard glossy top coat.

In terms of color, I really liked Sagittarius. It’s a deeply saturated, rich indigo, with equal tones of blue and purple. It shifts slightly between the two, depending on the lighting. The silver shimmer and flecks give it extra sparkle, adding a slight metallic effect to this cool-leaning color. I think the silver makes the shade more dynamic and interesting. Like Virgo, it reminds me of stars sparkling in the night sky. Overall it’s a gorgeous shade, and one of my favorites of this collection.

Color Comparisons

There are a fair amount of indigo shades in the Julep catalog, so it wasn’t hard to pull comparisons for Sagittarius. I was curious to see how it would stack up, and if it would be similar to any existing shades.

I was pleased to find that nothing in Julep’s collection is the same as Sagittarius, as most of the indigos are créme finish. Danica is probably the closest, but is definitely a brighter and less saturated color, also lacking the same type of shimmer in the Zodiac color. Sagittarius definitely qualifies as unique.

Overall, I was happy with Sagittarius. While the dry time could be improved, I didn’t have any application issues with the formula, and found myself liking the shade and finish. It’s a lovely, deep indigo, with an interesting finish. To top it off, it’s not a duplicate of any other shade, leaving me quite pleased. While some of the Zodiac shades have been a bit of a miss, this one was a hit for me.



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