Fantasmic Flakies October 2016

Different Dimensions Raindrops on Roses, Different Dimensions Storms Don’t Last Forever, and Lou It Yourself Trip the Lights Flaketastic

FantasmicFlakiesOctober2016BottlesOctober 2016 was the first month Fantasmic Flakies had two makers, featuring Different Dimensions Polish and Lou It Yourself (now Bluebird Lacquer). Purple won the Different Dimensions color poll, and blue/periwinkle was selected for Lou It Yourself. The photo that was chosen for Different Dimensions was recently used in another custom group, so Different Dimensions created two colors, one using the original photo, and one using one of the other inspiration photos (I believe it was the second place photo). Based on the photos, they created Raindrops on Roses, a “medium violet jelly with added shimmers to create a duochrome effect [and] added multi-chrome and sterling silver flakies”, and Storms Don’t Last Forever, a “violet to copper to gold multi-chrome polish with added multi-chrome flakies, shimmer, and holographic flakies”. Lou It Yourself’s polish was named Trip the Lights Flaketastic, described as a “blue with purple, silver, and light blue microflakes”.

*Please Note: The inspiration photos are not mine, and all rights belong to the copyright holders. Because I don’t know where people pull the photos from, I do not know if they have the rights to them or not. I feel that it would be a disservice not to include it here, but I will remove them immediately upon request if I am violating any copyright by doing so.

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrops on Roses had a good formula with smooth application. I really liked the Different Dimensions Brush, which was easy to use and had a very even application. I had close to full opacity in two coats, but opted to apply a third just to be sure. The dry time was normal, and I finished my mani with regular glossy top coat.

Raindrops on Roses is an eye-catching, medium purple, with a lot of different elements working together to create dynamic, beautiful polish. The base is a true purple, not leaning red or blue. The polish is stuffed with silver shimmer, small, silvery flecks, and multichrome flecks that appear to be dominantly blue and purple/pink, and really pop against the base. I say flecks because these were fairly small compared to the more standard flake size. All of the elements give this shade a lot of shimmer and sparkle, catching and reflecting the light, and creating an almost metallic finish. The holo shimmer especially stands out. Despite having so much going on, it’s a very cohesive look, and a lovely polish.

I think Different Dimensions did a good job staying true to the inspiration photo for Raindrops on Roses. Based on the photo and the shade selected in the color poll, I would have expected a true purple polish with accents of blue (the raindrops) and purple/pink (the flower petals), which is exactly what Different Dimensions created. The holo flecks really mirror the blue and pinkish accents, and the base shade is close to the purples in the petals. The silver accents add extra sparkle, without deviating significantly from the original photo. Overall, I think Raindrops on Roses was quite successful.

Storms Don’t Last Forever

Storms Don’t Last Forever had a very similar formula to Raindrops on Roses, and applied easily without any issues. It had good color coverage right away, with an even distribution of flecks and holo. I opted to apply three thin coats for complete opacity on the nail. I found the dry time to be just a tad on the slower side of average. Once it was dry, I applied glossy top coat.

Storms Don’t Last Forever is a reddish plum shade, with tones of violet and copper. The duochrome effect is clearly present, as the polish sometimes appears strongly burgundy, and more of a deep purple at other times. The gold shift is harder to capture in a photo, and shows up less often. The base is complemented by a smattering of multichrome and holographic flecks, which lean silver, blue, and red against the base. There is a very subtle shimmer, but the duochrome shift and flecks are more noticeable in this shade. The polish sometimes appears to be more of a glitter than a flakie, so I would have liked to see some slightly larger flakes in it, but overall, I enjoyed it. It’s a rich, earthy color with a fun color shift and lots of sparkle.

Like Raindrops on Roses, Storms Don’t Last Forever is a pretty close match to its inspiration photo. There’s a lot going on in the photo, and it seems the maker chose to focus primarily on the redder purples in the center of the photo. Although there’s an argument for the polish not being strongly purple, since they already created a true purple shade, I think it was a good choice to work more with the redder inspirations in the photo. The chrome shifts in the shade mimic the various colors in the sky of the photo, and the silver flecks are a perfect match to the lightning. While Storms Don’t Last Forever doesn’t include every aspect of the photo, it’s a good match, and stays true to many of the elements in the picture.

Trip the Lights Flaketastic

Trip the Lights Flaketastic’s formula was pretty standard, and applied evenly on the nail. The shade goes on fairly sheer with the first coat, and builds to full color coverage with three coats. You could probably use it as a topper with just one coat. The dry time was standard, and I finished with regular glossy top coat.

Trip the Lights Flaketastic is a bright, sky blue with a strong shimmer effect. The base is almost a jelly, as it has a bit of the “squishy” look attributed to jelly polish and goes on semi-sheer. You can tell in the bottle that this polish has some glass-like micro-flakes in blue, purple, and silver. These flecks seem to disappear on the nail; the polish appears to have a silver and blue iridescent finish. I would have liked to see bigger and more flakes in this polish, or perhaps a different shade of flakes that contrasted more from the base. While it’s a lovely blue shimmer, I’m hard pressed to call this one a flakie.

Trip the Lights Flaketastic was not a strong match to the inspiration photo. The blue shade of the base matches the flecks in the geode, and the iridescent finish mirrors the overall look of the stone, but the photo is largely turquoise, with slight blue and purple accents. I would have liked to see a turquoise base, featuring deeper blue and purple flakes just like those in the geode. That being said, blue was the color poll choice, and perhaps the maker felt that turquoise would have been too much of a deviation from the poll. While not a perfect match to the photo, Trip the Lights Flaketastic honored some of the elements of the inspiration photo.

Final Thoughts

This month was really a mixed bag for me, in terms of the colors. One challenge for me was that none of these polishes appear to have the standard medium flakes, but instead used what I call flecks, a much smaller flakie. At first, I wasn’t sure I felt this really qualified them as flakies, but later came around and decided that regardless of size, a flake is a flake (of course, all of these definitions are just my opinions, and not hard or fast rules). Despite my preference for larger flakes, as the small ones sometimes look a lot like glitter, both Different Dimensions colors met the flakie requirement, stayed true to the inspiration photos, and are really lovely shades. I’d definitely wear them again, and am glad they created multiple colors to share with the group. Unfortunately, any flecks in Trip the Lights Flaketastic did not show up on the nail, and I felt like it was much more of a shimmer polish. While it’s a great shade of blue, as a flakie, it leaves a lot to be desired. November was definitely an interesting month, with three different polishes created for the group. I’m always excited to see what the makers come up with, and look forward to sharing more Fantasmic Flakies customs in the coming weeks.

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