Julep February 2017 Color Comparisons

The February 2017 Collection, Cozy in Love, featured a colors in soft, romantic shades and in deep, vampy tones. Overall, I liked the curation of this collection based on the online photos, and felt Christine’s review was generally positive. However, Cozy in Love included a number of crèmes and shimmers, the two most popular finishes for Julep, so I wasn’t sure how the polishes would stand up to the existing shades.  As I often say, the only way to tell for sure was to pull out my swatches and do some color comparisons, the results of which I’ll share below.


Julep has plenty of deep red/burgundy shades, so it was easy to pull comparisons for August. I know August is technically a ghost shimmer, but given how little shimmer shows up, I thought it was best to largely compare to crèmes. It’s somewhat hard to tell in the photo, but August is darker and more saturated than any other red in the collection. While I’m not sure I would need a red even darker than what Julep has, I have to give August credit for being unique.


Because Charissa is really a red/pink blend, it was a little more challenging to place it in the spectrum. After trying a few places, I decided it fit best with reds, but compared it to both reds (to the left) and pinks (to the right). Charissa is definitely close to a number of the other polishes, but lacks the shimmer that seems present in almost every pink/red color. There weren’t any crèmes close enough to compare, so Charissa definitely adds a new color to the Julep crème catalog.


Mariolis also presented a little bit of difficulty, as peach toned shades often seem to be split among the oranges, pinks, and tans. I found that Mariolis fit best with the pink peaches, and was able to easily pull comparisons for it. Mariolis is most similar to Lynn and Cassie, but is slightly more saturated and leans more tan than either. It’s not the most creative color this month, but doesn’t duplicate anything in the existing catalog.



Ainsley was a pretty straightforward comparison. Because of the strong gold shimmer, it appears almost more tan than grey, so I largely pulled whites with gold shimmer and a few tan shades. Ainsley appeared most similar to Debra, but is a shimmer rather than a crème. It leans more tan than any of the whites, perhaps because of how the gold shimmer plays off of the grey base. Regardless of the why, it’s definitely a unique shade.



For Jolene, I was able to quickly pull out dark silver and pewter shades for comparison. Because Jolene has some golden shimmer in it, I anticipated it would be very similar to Lydia, the pyrite stardust shade. I found Lydia to have far more gold, although the two are close. Jolene was also fairly similar to Stefani, in finish and tone of grey. Overall, I would still say Jolene is a different shade, although maybe not as unique as it could be.


Della is a pretty standard, true purple, so I didn’t have high expectations that the shade would be particularly unique. As I pulled swatches, I was surprised to find that there really aren’t that many purples in this particular shade. Della is almost identical in shade to Yen, but differentiated by finish. While Yen is a crème, Della is almost metallic in finish, making it a creative and new color.


There are several very deep navy shades in the Julep catalog, so I had a number of options to compare to Maylee. It turns out that Maylee is actually the darkest blue Julep has made, leaning darker than Kristy or Lolo, and having a hint of black or brown tones that aren’t present in the other navy blues. Most of the other blues are crème as well, so even though the shimmer in Maylee is subtle, the finish further differentiates this shade.

Overall, I think Julep did a great job making this month’s colors unique. I was worried that the use of common finishes would render the shades duplicates, but they were successful in finding shade/finish combinations that hadn’t been done yet. While I’d like to see Julep continue to explore more finishes moving forward, rather than focusing on the traditional crèmes and shimmers, I’m always happy to see a creative collection of new and interesting shades. The Cozy and Love Collection hit that mark, making it a success in my eyes.



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