Julep Capricorn

The 12th and final polish of the Zodiac Collection is Capricorn, for December 22nd – January 19th. Capricorn is an “evergreen starlit shimmer made to match your determined personality”.

In the online swatches, Capricorn is a true, forest green shade, leaning neither blue nor yellow. The dollop shows that the polish is complemented by brighter green microshimmer, giving it a sparkly finish. Capricorn appears to be a true shimmer polish, without the metallic look sometimes created by gold or silver shimmers.

Capricorn had a very smooth formula that applied evenly and without issue. I’m excited to report that I had full opacity with just one coat of polish. I opted to apply a second coat because (1) I have a hard time believing in one-coat coverage, and (2) having my nails painted helps me prevent a lot of breaks, so a second coat couldn’t hurt, right? That being said, you can definitely get one coat coverage with this shade. Each coat dried in normal time, and I topped with Julep’s Oxygen Performance Top Coat.

In person, Capricorn is a hint more blue than I thought it would be, but still quite true to the forest green depicted in the online photos. It’s a very deep, earthy green, especially perfect for fall and winter manis. The green shimmer finish is strong without creating a metallic look, allowing the polish to catch and reflect the light despite its deep color. Although it’s not a particularly springy shade, I really enjoyed Capricorn, and would definitely use it again, perhaps for some Christmas stamping.

Color Comparisons

Capricorn is not the only forest green shimmer that Julep has released, so I was unsure if it would prove to be a unique shade or not. I was able to quickly find a number of shades to compare and put Capricorn to the test.

I was pleased to find that despite many other dark green shimmers, Capricorn is still fairly unique among the collection. The tones of blue really differentiate it from the other shimmers which lean more brown, and it’s a slightly brighter shade than others as well. It’s not the most different, but it’s certainly not a dupe.

Capricorn did not disappoint. In terms of formula, I’d have to say that Capricorn is the best polish in the Zodiac Collection, offering one-coat coverage without a long dry time. Although it’s not the most unique polish of the Zodiac collection, it’s an excellent forest green shimmer and would a great addition to any collection. Overall, the Zodiac Collection was very hit or miss for me. Julep is a well-established brand, so I’m not very patient with them when they have faulty formulas. A number of the polishes in this collection were truly excellent, while others offered creative colors but terrible formulas. The Zodiac Collection was a very interesting idea, and hopefully the current, second collection will improve even further on this concept.



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