Fair Maiden Space Riot

It has been far too long since I’ve shared a Fair Maiden mani, so I figured there was no time like the present to try a new shade. After consulting the polish pals, we decided that I should use Space Riot, a “yellow gold to orange to berry multi-chrome linear holo with magenta/orange/yellow ultra chrome flakes.” Space Riot was released in early January of this year, along with several other limited shades. Even though I don’t normally gravitate towards pinker hues, Space Riot was very interesting and multidimensional, so I decided to purchase a bottle.

Space Riot’s formula is just barely on the thicker side of average, and offers a smooth application with even coverage. I opted to apply three coats for full-opacity; I had almost complete coverage with two thin coats, but needed a third to fully remove any visible nail line. The dry time was slightly faster than normal, and the polish dried to a shiny finish. I topped with Fair Maiden’s It’s Magic Top Coat for extra shine.

Space Riot is a truly gorgeous shade, with several different elements working together to create a dynamic and cohesive polish. The base really is a true multichrome, shifting from the dominant magenta/berry pink to coppery brown, light gold, and even yellow-green at certain angles. The polish is packed with linear holo shimmer that gives extra shine to the already reflective chrome base, really catching the light. It also of course adds a strong rainbow effect to the shade, playing off of the different colors in the base. Further accenting the shade are the chrome flakes, which reflect berry pink, coppery orange, and pale gold; the pink flecks are especially noticeable. Despite having so much going on, the polish doesn’t seem scattered or busy. Each aspect works together to create a shifting, multidimensional shade that really wows.

Space Riot is one of those polishes that makes you think, “this is why I buy indie polish”. I was utterly impressed by this shade, and it’s one of my favorite FMs ever, if not my number one. It’s also currently in the lead for my favorite polish of 2017. I took way too many photos, some at very bizarre angles, in an attempt to showcase everything that’s going on here. I’ll be sharing some videos of this shade to my Facebook page as well (be sure to like the page to stay up-to-date on what I’m posting). Sometimes, however, my camera really couldn’t capture just how amazing this color is. Space Riot is a genuinely beautiful shade, and I’m beyond happy that I have it in my collection.



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