Fantasmic Flakies November 2016

Ever After Burnt Amethyst and Great Lakes Lacquer Emerald Waters

FantasmicFlakiesNovember2016Bottles.JpegEver After Polish and Great Lakes Lacquer were chosen to be the makers for the Fantasmic Flakies November 2016 customs. Ever After created the first group custom and did an amazing job, so I was excited to see them back again. Great Lakes Lacquer was a new maker for me, as well as new to Fantasmic Flakies. The color poll selected brown for Ever After, and green for Great Lakes Lacquer. Based on the selected inspiration photos, Ever After created Burnt Amethyst, a “brown crelly packed with blue to purple iridescent flakes and purple and chrome flakes”, and Great Lakes Lacquer created Emerald Waters, “an emerald green glowing with aqua to green crystal flake, lime to teal multichrome flake, and electric blue and gold microflake”.

*Please Note: The inspiration photos are not mine, and all rights belong to the copyright holders. Because I don’t know where people pull the photos from, I do not know if they have the rights to them or not. I feel that it would be a disservice not to include it here, but I will remove them immediately upon request if I am violating any copyright by doing so.

Burnt Amethyst

Burnt Amethyst had a very smooth application, with even distribution of flakes and a sheer finish. Because the polish is a crelly it takes three medium coats (or four thin coats) to reach full opacity and remove any visible nail line. The polish has a faster than average dry time, though, so I didn’t mind needing slightly thicker (or more) coats. I topped with Ever After’s Quick Dry Top Coat.

Burnt Amethyst is a delicious, dark chocolate brown (but don’t eat it, it’s nail polish, people). The crelly base is full of iridescent blurple and purple chrome flakes, which really stand out against the brown. The flakes add a touch of cool tones, contrasting the warmer brown of the base. The polish is also accented by just a touch of scattered holo shimmer, which gives it a hint of rainbow sparkle in direct light. The elements work together to create a very interesting and unique polish, which really does look quite beautiful.

I think Ever After did an amazing job of staying true to the inspiration photo. I’ll be honest, when I saw the photo, I was skeptical that a polish would be able to stay true to the photo and be a lovely polish. I’m not a huge brown polish user, and I’m not a very visual person, so I had trouble picturing a lovely, brown flakie. However, Ever After was able to create a polish that is both attractive and looks just like the photo. The base clearly is inspired by the dominant brown tones in the photo, and just like the stone, the polish is accented with purple flakes. The subtle holo adds just a hint of additional shimmer, much like the polished finish of the stone. In my opinion, the polish perfectly represents the photo, and I wouldn’t change anything about it to make it better.

Emerald Waters

Emerald Waters had a standard formula, with easy application and well-distributed flakes across the nail. This polish has a jelly finish, so how many coats you apply depends on what kind of look you want. I’d recommend at least two, which gives you full coverage. I applied a third for more color saturation. The dry time in between coat was pretty standard, and I topped with Ever After’s Quick Dry Top Coat.

Emerald Waters is a gorgeous medium-dark green jelly polish. It is packed, and I mean absolutely stuffed, with a variety of crystal and multichrome flakes, which give the polish flashes of lime, green, teal, and even aqua. I did not notice the blue and gold flecks mentioned in the description very much, but they do have a subtle presence. The polish really does remind me of emeralds, as the flakes catch and reflect the light much like the facets of a gem. I also really enjoyed how dimensional the polish is, even though its elements are all green. It’s really a stunning shade, especially in the sun.

Great Lakes Lacquer also did an excellent job of representing the inspiration photo with the polish. The photo is almost exclusively green, with different parts of the picture taking on different shades along the green spectrum. In the same way, Emerald Waters is entirely green, with the flakes adding in a number of different shades in the green color family. Even the teal matches a teal shade in the photo. The reflectiveness of the flakes also mirrors the reflection of the leaves on the lake. Emerald Waters is exactly the inspiration photo in polish form.

Final Thoughts

I thought both makers really hit it out of the park with the November customs. Both polishes were lovely and unique shades that stayed true to their inspiration photos. On top of that, they had excellent formulas for smooth and easy application, which I always appreciate. I was already a fan of Ever After, as you well know. Based on Emerald Waters, I’ll definitely be trying Great Lakes Lacquer again. And while I’m always excited to see what other makers have to offer as well, I hope it won’t be too long before these brands are selected for Fantasmic Flakies again.



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