ILNP Rolling Hills

RollingHillsBottleI’ve made it no secret that I’m a huge fan of ILNP’s Ultra Metallic polishes, based on my experience with Juliette and Cherry Luxe. So, it was only natural that the last time I picked up some new ILNPs, I had to include more Ultra Metallics. With spring now in full swing, I thought it was a perfect time to wear Rolling Hills, “a refreshing, iced mint Ultra Metallic polish laced with an array of holographic micro flakes [with]…a subtle hint blue-to-teal color travelling shimmer for a finish that’s to die for!

Rolling Hills had a standard formula, with a smooth application and a very even distribution of flakes across the nail. The polish is really packed with metallic and holographic flakes, offering a fair amount of coverage with just one coat. I had complete opacity with the second coat, and found the dry time between coats to be fairly standard. The polish dries to a very reflective, metallic finish, and I topped with regular glossy top coat.

Rolling Hills has definite wow factor. Icy mint is a perfect description for the shade, which reminds me of the pale green of mint ice cream. The base is absolutely packed with green metallic flakes, true to the Ultra Metallic finish, creating an incredibly shiny look that catches and reflects the light. The metallic flakes are complemented and accented by the holographic flecks, which give just a touch of holo finish for added sparkle. Rolling Hills is a gorgeous, sophisticated shade that looks absolutely lovely in the bottle and on the nail.

I’m not surprised to find that Rolling Hills is another favorite for me. This refreshing, minty green is a perfect spring shade, especially stunning in the sun. I continue to be impressed by how truly metallic the finish is, giving the appearance of actual flakes of metal in the polish. I look forward to trying more Ultra Metallic shades in the future, as soon as I can decide which one to try next!

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